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The Lawrence Joel U.S. Army Health Clinic (LJAHC), located in Building 125, opened as a new facility at Fort McPherson in 1998. The staff provides a wide range of health care services to a large patient population. For the clinic information line and telephone directory, call 404-464-0312. The clinic is closed Saturdays, Sundays and federal holidays. The clinic, including the main and refill pharmacies, closes at 1 p.m. for training the first Wednesday of each month.

Open Monday through Friday, patients may enter the building beginning at 7:15 a.m. Enrolled beneficiaries may access the appointment line Monday through Friday beginning at 6:30 a.m. Urgent care requests are seen as soon as possible. Patients with non-urgent problems should schedule a routine appointment by calling 404-464-2778.

Appointments are scheduled based on the patient’s assigned primary care manager (PCM). If the assigned PCM appointment schedule is already filed for the day, enrolled beneficiaries are seen by the next available provider. This helps to ensure timely access to care. For more information, visit the clinic Web site at

The clinic does not have an emergency room or ambulance service. During normal duty hours, patients with serious medical emergencies are provided the care necessary to allow them to be moved safely to the nearest Civilian hospital emergency room by Civilian ambulance. Outside normal duty hours, active duty servicemembers or patients of other enrolled categories must get emergency care directly from a Civilian hospital emergency room. Urgent care services are medically necessary services which are required for an illness or injury. Urgent care differs from emergency care in that the condition is not life threatening, but cannot wait for a visit to the PCM.

You must contact your PCM at 404-464-2778 for instructions before receiving urgent care treatment. In most cases, TRICARE pays for care from Civilian hospital emergency rooms for active duty servicemembers. Servicemembers who get emergency medical care from Civilian emergency rooms should report the visit the next workday to the clinic’s appointments line at 404-464-2778. Since some types of medical care and services are not authorized at government expense, active duty servicemembers should try to resolve any questions in advance with information from the health benefits advisor at 404-464-0288 or 404-464-0290.

TRICARE is the health care system used at Fort McPherson and Fort Gillem. For an explanation of TRICARE services and benefits, visit the Managed Care OfUce, located in Building 162 at Fort McPherson, call the Managed Care OfUce staff at 404-464-0286 or 404-464-0292, or visit the Atlanta TRICARE Service Center, also located in Building 162. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Customers also can reach the center by calling 800-444-5445 or can visit the TRICARE website.

Patient Representative
The LJAHC has a full-time health systems specialist (patient advocate) who can help ease difficulties accessing the medical care system, explain policies, find other sources of help and otherwise provide assistance to patients. For more information, call 404-464-0401.

Routine Care
Active duty servicemembers have first priority in the military health care system, and the LJAHC staff provides a full range of family medical care, including pediatrics and gynecology, to active duty servicemembers and their Family members. PCMs see active duty servicemembers and Family members with scheduled appointments. Same-day and advance appointments may be scheduled by calling 404-464-2778. Sections within the LJAHC include drug and alcohol and behavioral health (both located in Building 167 on Fort McPherson), allergy/ immunizations, laboratory, optometry, physical examinations, preventive medicine, radiology, gynecology and pediatrics. If TRICARE Prime recipients require specialty care, appropriate referrals will be considered.
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