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Urgent Care Guide


While it’s often used as a blanket term for any sort of immediate medical need, urgent care has a slightly more specific meaning. Emergency care is what’s needed by a person in immediate danger of death or life-altering injury (loss of a limb, blindness, etc). Urgent care, however, is provided to people who require treatment for illnesses or injuries that require rapid (within 24 hours) medical attention and treatment but aren’t necessarily life-threatening (minor bone breaks and sprains, moderate fever, etc).


For active-duty personnel, retirees, many reservists, and their families, Tricare covers urgent care just as it does all other medical necessities. While their coverage is fairly comprehensive and wide-ranging, it’s always best to ensure a location you’re considering for urgent care is one of their listed providers. If you’re moving, PCS-ing, going on temporary order, or simply taking a trip, it’s well worthwhile to check ahead and see where the nearest urgent care provider(s) in the Tricare network will be. Particularly if you’re going overseas.


If you’re enrolled in the Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare program and received any kind of care from a VA facility or community provider in the last two years, you’re eligible for this particular program. It allows you to receive urgent care from any of the many, many facilities in the VA’s contracted network. Identify yourself as a veteran using this benefit when you check in and, once your eligibility is confirmed by the clinic, they’ll take care of whatever you need. As with most medical services, you may be charged a copay for any services or prescriptions you receive.


For family members or veterans ineligible for VA urgent care for whatever reason, urgent care is typically covered by any standard health insurance. But for uninsured individuals, the thought of paying for any sort of non-life saving medical care, however necessary, can be worrisome. Luckily, urgent care is fairly inexpensive (far less than emergency care, even), with average costs for a clinic visit under $200. Sure, not the cheapest thing in the world, but probably worth it to get vital medical attention.