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Child Youth and School Services

Child Youth and School Services

Ft Riley Education Child and Youth Services

Parent Central

Your first stop for all Child and Youth Services is Parent Central. Registration is required to participate in any CYS service. Annual registration fees are free and CYS registration may be transferred to a new duty station upon PCS.


WebTrac! is now available for CYS patrons to make payments and hourly care reservations. Customers currently in the database can receive their WebTrac! user ID and password via email. New customers may sign up by going to contacting Parent Central.

CYS Hourly Care

CYS Hourly Care is available Monday through Friday at the Warren Road Child Development Center, Forsyth East School Age Center and Custer Hill School Age Center. Hours at Whitside North are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours at both SACs depend on whether school is in session. On school days, hourly care is available 5:45 a.m. to 7:45 a.m. and 3 to 6 p.m. on a first-come, first-serve basis. Refer to CYS Deployment Benefits for details.

CYS Deployment Benefits

You must present a copy of deployment orders (with your spouse’s name) in order to receive any of the CYS Deployment Benefits discounts, and you must be registered with Parent Central. Initiatives include the following.

• Up to 16 hours of free hourly care per month is available to children of deployed sponsors. Hourly care is at Warren Road CDC and SACs. Free hours can also be used toward alternative care options: Parents’ Night Out on one Saturday a month and FRG care on one Tuesday evening a month.
• A 20 percent monthly discount is available for children of deployed Soldiers for full-time and part-day fees.
• If deployed to a combat zone that is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (Soldiers and family members are advised to check with the IRS to find out what it considers a ‘combat zone’).
• Up to $100 in sports funds are available per child per family per deployment. This includes soccer, baseball, basketball, flag football, volleyball and other programs.
• Up to $300 in instructional (SKIES) funds are available per child per deployment. This includes dance, gymnastics, swimming, martial arts and other programs.

Parent Education Opportunities

CYS offers a variety of training opportunities for parents to learn more about their growing little ones while earning a discount on their child care. Classes are held at Building 6620 in the CYS Training Room, unless otherwise stated.

Family Child Care

Family Child Care providers are contractors who provide child care in a home setting. FCC homes offer full-day, part-time and extended hours. FCC homes have unique qualities making them the preferred child care choice for many families. Homes provide flexible hours, a comfortable family-like setting, and activities based on real-life experiences in the home and neighborhood. Please contact Parent Central for vacancy information. Adults who want to become certified FCC providers are invited to attend an FCC informational briefing. The orientation and informational briefings are at 1:30 p.m. every Thursday in Building 6620. Contact Parent Central at 785-239-9885 or the FCC office for more information.

Outreach Services


Family Advisory Board: Participation in the Family Advisory Board allows patrons to provide support, input and ideas to CYS. Participating patrons can receive points toward a 10 percent discount on their child care fee. Additional details apply.

Month of the Military Child: April is the Month of the Military Child. This special celebration is a legacy of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger — established to underscore the important role children play in the armed forces community. Fort Riley CYS plans numerous events each year to recognize and applaud families and their children, who are everyday heroes, for the daily sacrifices they make in supporting America’s Army.

School Liaison Office: The SLO develops partnerships with local schools and community organizations to help ensure a positive educational experience of our military children and youth. Through coordination with the schools and community, the SLO helps ease education transition and connects military families with available resources. It also collaborates with parents and schools to ensure academic success. New to the area? Let the SLO help you navigate the local school system, its procedures, programs and schedules. The SLO also supports home-school families and can supply you with resource materials on primary, secondary and postsecondary education. Call 785-240-3261 for more information.

Child Development Centers

1st Division CDC

4012 1st Division Road

Forsyth CDC

2410 Saddlehorn Road

Warren Road CDC

6950 Warren Road

Whitside CDC

676 Third St.

Whitside East CDC

6981 Warren Road

Whitside North CDC

678 Warrior Drive

The Army provides care in a multi-age group setting. Each classroom enrolls children with a minimum age span of 18 months. The concept of the multi-age classroom is to provide a family-style environment where the children learn from and nurture each other.

Children experience fewer transitions while in the multi-age child care setting, giving them more time to bond with their primary caregiver. Children also benefit widely from interacting with classmates who are older and younger, learning important principles of citizenship, relationships, respect, patience and self-esteem.

Using a creative curriculum, the approach balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children’s learning styles and building on their strengths and interests.

School Age Centers

Custer Hill SAC

5810 Thomas Ave.

Forsyth East SAC

2420 H St.

School Age Services is a nationally accredited program for kindergarten to fifth grade. SAC offers before- and after-school programs, as well as open recreation. Children can use open recreation for four free hours per month per child. The normal rate is $4 per hour. A daily rate of $30 is charged for occasional users attending more than four hours per day. The location of before- and after-school care depends on the school the child attends. Children attending Ware, Morris Hill or Jefferson elementary schools attend Custer Hill SAC. Children attending Seitz or Fort Riley elementary attend Forsyth East SAC.

Families requiring full-time care may register for a weekly fee. Participants can receive five free hours of open recreation each month simply for being registered with CYS (reservations are required). The normal rate is $4 per hour.

Custer Hill Youth Center


The Fort Riley Custer Hill Youth Center offers comprehensive programs designed to meet the academic, social and developmental needs of today’s youth. The youth center is in Building 5800, on the corner of Long Street and Thomas Avenue. Transportation to the youth center is provided from Fort Riley Middle School. The youth center has a full-court gym used for sports, dances and instructional programs; a technology lab; an art room; a large activity area for eating and playing board games, pool and air hockey; a music and dance studio; a homework area; and a newly designed high school lounge.

The youth center offers a range of positive activities for youth in grades six to 12 that promote positive attitudes and reinforces Army core values. Youth Services sponsors a variety of programs offering youth opportunities in life skills, citizenship and leadership, leisure, recreation and arts, as well as mentoring, intervention and support services. There are special interest activities that change each week. Join the youth center for weekly activities, which include: sports, Smart Girls, Tech Club, Millionaire Club, Dungeons & Dragons gaming, high school-specific activities, Power Hour, Photography Club, arts and crafts, Passport to Manhood and Cooking Club.

SKIES Unlimited Program


The name SKIES Unlimited is an acronym for “School of Knowledge, Inspiration, Exploration and Skills,” with the word Unlimited indicating the unlimited possibilities this program offers Army children and youth. SKIES Unlimited encompasses instructional programs for children and youth ranging from 6 weeks old to adolescence.

Through SKIES Unlimited, children and youth in Child Development Services, School Age Services, Youth Center and Outreach Services Programs, as well as home-schooled children, have equal access to opportunities that expand their knowledge, inspire them and allow them to explore and acquire new skills. Children enrolled in Fort Riley Child and Youth Services are eligible to participate. CYS enrollment is conducted at CYS Central Registration at 6620 Normandy Drive. Call 785-239-9885.

Health Assessments are not required to enroll in SKIES Unlimited classes, but you must be registered with Parent Central. Free classes are available to children of deployed Soldiers. Refer to the Army Family Covenant Initiatives for details. Classes are held at Building 6620 unless otherwise stated.

The SKIES instructional program is seeking instructors to teach all ages of children and youth in a wide variety of areas. Do you have a talent or interest that you would like to share and some spare time to teach? Inquire with an email at or call 785-240-2818.

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