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Scentsy Independent Consultant/Alicia Woodard

Scentsy Independent Consultant/Alicia Woodard

One can always find time to make some extra cash, no ones knows this better than I!

Hello I’m Alicia,

Allow me a moment to introduce myself! I am currently an Ophthalmic Coding Specialist that is married, has one child (Joshua), who takes care of her mother and her niece. My husband’s name is Bobby and we have been married for 23 years. We have a son named Joshua who is 18 years old who was diagnosed with epilepsy at an early age and now plays football (#39). My mother that lives with me her name is Dorothy and she is disabled. She has had a total of six strokes and I take care of her on a daily basis in addition to working. We also have my 20-year-old niece Daijah that live with us as well. Just a slight look into my reality. 


By now I guess your wondering, Why and “HOW” do you have time for Scentsy?

To be honest our (my husband and i)  why answer  has changed over the past couple of years. We joined Scentsy for many reasons and the first reason was to be able to sell what we love. The other reasons that we joined was to assist with the expenses of traveling to the doctors for my son, his medication expenses and to help us get out of debt. We want to be debt-free and why not do it with something we love. Also to be able to give back to our community. But when it all boils down, our why is our FAMILY. Family values are important to use. Scentsy has a great reputation so we are proud to connect our family name with the business. 

I love to share our story of how $99 changed our lives is over 99 ways. The $99 plus shipping and handling that we spent to join Scentsy has been the best investment for our family. We were customers for so many years and then we decided to take a leap faith that was well worth the jump. We were so excited and determined to start our own business. Joining not only made us business owners but also introduced us to a different way of thinking and a different interpretation of life. We have made so many new friends, enjoyed a number of  events, and traveled to places where would may have never gone. Now we are looking forward to building our team. We want to help others the way that we were helped.  We are very seasoned in our business and can assure that anyone on our team will receive the  assist necessary to becoming successful business of their own. We love Scentsy! You will love it too! Join our team and change your life. 

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