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The American Red Cross Fort Stewart Station is located in the Soldier Support Center, Building 253, Suite 2074-A. Hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Emergency communications assistance is available after hours by calling 877-272-7337.

In order to initiate a message, callers should have available the full given name (no nicknames please), rank, Social Security number, date of birth and military unit mailing address (including the ZIP code while stateside or APO AE number while on deployment) of the service member who will be receiving the message, as well as information relating to the emergency, such as person involved, date of birth, etc.

Other services the American Red Cross offers include emergency after-hour financial assistance and volunteer opportunities in a variety of locations on post. The Fort Stewart Station office phone number is 912-767-2197.

For Soldiers and family members assigned to Hunter Army Air Field, volunteer services are handled by the Red Cross Chapter office in Savannah: 912-651-5300.

Currently, the Fort Stewart American Red Cross is offering CPR and first aid training and baby-sitting training free of charge to active-duty military and their families. You may call the Fort Stewart office for more information. This is available to Soldiers stationed on Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Air Field.

Further health and safety services (CPR, first aid, lifeguarding and swimming, and baby-sitting classes) and disaster relief services are provided by the chapter at the previously listed number or, for those assigned to Fort Stewart, by the chapter suboffice in Hinesville at 912-876-3975.


For more information, please call the American Red Cross Fort Stewart Station at 912-767-2197.

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