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Environmental Division

The Environmental Division is responsible for developing and implementing the installation’s environmental programs through compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, preventing pollution, and protecting, conserving, optimizing and sustaining our natural and cultural resources for our Soldiers, civilians, families, neighbors and communities.

The Stewart-Hunter Environmental Division is comprised of three branches: Prevention & Compliance, Fish and Wildlife, and Forestry, while coordinating and providing oversight to the installation’s integrated Sustainability Management System (SMS). The SMS’s current focus areas are threatened and endangered species management, solid waste management and water conservation. Stewart-Hunter is the first DOD “Keep America Beautiful” affiliate and has a robust recycling program supporting the installation and our surrounding counties.

Major program areas that make up the Prevention & Compliance Branch are air, drinking water, stormwater and wastewater quality, remediation, landfill compliance, recycling, spill response, pollution prevention, wetlands and cultural resources. The branch oversees operational and administrative compliance of the numerous Stewart-Hunter state-permitted facilities and its vast wetland and cultural resources while promoting pollution prevention and sustainability.

Fort Stewart’s Natural Resource Management Branch (forestry program) is one of the largest timber-producing and prescribed burning programs in DOD. Fort Stewart is also home to the largest remaining acreage of the longleaf pine-wiregrass ecosystem in Georgia. Notable accomplishments include support of the training mission and improvement of the training environment, reforestation, endangered species habitat enhancement and commercial forestry, which helps fund the program and support the local economy. The success of Fort Stewart’s forestry program can be measured by the installation’s immensely valuable timber resources and excellent training environment.


The Fish and Wildlife Management Program is responsible for managing all fish and wildlife species and their habitats on Fort Stewart, conducting wildlife population monitoring, and reviewing all proposed actions for potential impacts to fish, wildlife and their habitat. Fort Stewart is home to seven wildlife species that are protected by the Endangered Species Act. These species are the red-cockaded woodpecker, eastern indigo snake, frosted flatwoods salamander, wood stork, shortnose sturgeon, Atlantic sturgeon and smooth coneflower. The installation carries out conservation programs to help recover these species while continuing to support the training mission.

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