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Liberty County

Liberty County is a fascinating portrait of the Old South and the new, of comforting tradition and of well-planned, cutting-edge progress of an advancing community. Visionary leaders preserved what is best about this historic, coastal community, while carefully managing incredible growth and preparing for the next century with futuristic schools, technology and infrastructure. From moss-covered live oaks to miles of riverfront and marsh-front property; from large corporations and industries to small, one-man operations; from many ethnic backgrounds to your basic, hospitable Southern folks — Liberty County has a little bit of it all.


Although Hinesville as a township is young in years, it is located in a county with a long and proud history. The unrecorded history of this region lies buried in the secret reaches of time; the recorded history dates back to the time of Spain’s colonial empire in America.


Midway is a quaint community located near the crossroads of U.S. highways 84 and 17. It hosts many Revolutionary War landmarks and historical sites, including the Midway Congregational Church, erected in 1792, and the Midway Cemetery, which dates back to 1754. The Midway Museum was built to preserve and display the history of Liberty County. It is a drawing point for many tourists and is part of the Historic Liberty Trail.


The first mention of Sunbury is found in the memoirs of Gen. James Edward Oglethorpe by Robert Wright, London, 1857, in which he tells of Oglethorpe’s exploratory expedition to the southern frontiers of Georgia. The name Sunbury comes from two Saxon words: sunna, the sun, and byri, a town, and denotes a place exposed to the sun.


When the pioneers began moving into the lower part of the Midway country known as the North Newport District, they took advantage of the most desirable locations for their rice plantations. By an act of the Georgia Legislature, Feb. 1, 1797, “a place to be called Riceborough” was designated as the new site for the courthouse and other public buildings.

This was an important port from which the planters shipped large quantities of rice that made the name Riceborough appropriate.


Named as a tribute to its first settler Andrew Walthour, Walthourville is 6 miles from the Fort Stewart installation. In the early 1900s, Walthourville was noted for its beautiful homes.


Situated approximately 4 miles from Fort Stewart, Allenhurst was named for Byers Allen, who came there in the early 1900s to locate a sawmill.



The Gumbranch community has often been referred to as the “backbone of Liberty County.” It was established in the early 1800s by pioneers seeking rich farmlands on which to build their homes and rear their families. It is located about 10 miles west of Hinesville.

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