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Master Planning Division

Master Planning Division

The Master Planning Division provides the direction for the orderly development and sustainment of the real property assets of the installation. The planning process follows the professional practice of community and military planning, providing the installation with the vision and framework for long- and short-term real property development. The Real Property Master Plan consists of five components: the long-range component, the Installation Design Guide, the capital investment strategy, the short-range component and the Real Property Digest.

The Real Property Digest is the overarching component of the Real Property Master Plan and guides the scope of the plan. The long-range component contains focused, detailed planning strategies that guide the long-range use of land and facilities on the installation. It is a broad-based area analysis of the entire installation over a period of 20 years.

The Installation Design Guide prescribes the urban design and character of the installation. The capital investment strategy contains the holistic set of actions needed to create the Real Property Vision. It focuses on strategies to integrate current demands with long-term facility needs, based on assessments of excesses and deficits. The short-range component marks the transition from planning to programming and provides a list of projects planned over the next seven years.


This process allows the Army and the installation to prioritize its limited resources; optimizes mission accomplishment through the best use of land, facilities and infrastructure; balances development and the need for environmental stewardship; provides strategies for antiterrorism and critical infrastructure protection; reduces manpower and resources; encourages sustainable development; and supports changes in the force structure. Additionally, it informs design and construction agents on the desired type of development and encourages development in the most suitable areas.

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