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Reporting In

All Soldiers, whether being assigned to Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield, must sign in at the Marne Reception Center. There, you will be temporarily assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division Replacement Detachment and be scheduled for approximately eight days of in-processing and orientation programs.

The Marne Reception Center is located at Fort Stewart in Building 200 at 486 Soldier Pony Ave. Its staff duty desk is open 24/7 and can be reached by calling commercial 912-767-0115/0111 or DSN 870-0115/0111.

Married Soldiers should contact the Lodging Office in advance to arrange temporary quarters. If no quarters are available, a nonavailability statement will be issued and you will be authorized to stay at a local hotel. All single Soldiers will be assigned a temporary room in on-post barracks while in-processing.

Soldiers staying at the replacement detachment eat in the 103rd Military Infantry Battalion dining facility. The post exchange, commissary, bank, post office, credit union, movie theater and gymnasium are all within walking distance.

The 3rd Infantry Division Replacement Detachment maintains SIDPERS accountability for all new Soldiers until they are fully in-processed and moved to their units. Soldiers get their assignment one day after their arrival at the replacement detachment.

Soldiers in grades E-5 and below are assigned to the detachment during in-processing. After sign-in at the replacement detachment, senior NCOs and officers are given their assignment instructions before going to the Personnel Processing Center.

The Marne Reception Center provides arriving Soldiers transportation from the Savannah International Airport, briefs new arrivals on the Standards of Conduct and the Marne Standard, and screens arriving Soldiers’ personnel records to determine processing requirements. Records are then sent to Personnel Management where unit assignments are made. Arriving Soldiers are also scheduled to attend a Newcomers’ Orientation, which is held at 11 a.m. every Wednesday at the Education Center, Building 110, at Fort Stewart.

Once final assignments are made, a tailor shop is available in the detachment area, which can sew on unit patches. This service is free. A barbershop is also available at the post exchange.

All incoming Soldiers without a Defensive Driving Course card must complete the four-hour course of instruction. The course is given in the detachment classroom.


Motorcyclists are required to take a safety course. For more information on this mandatory class, call the Fort Stewart Safety Office at 912-767-7880 or the Hunter Army Airfield Safety Office at 912-315-5814.

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