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Workforce Training and Development Program

Workforce Training and Development Program

Training and development opportunities for the Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield workforce are managed by the installation training and development specialist located in the Army Education Center, Building 100. The goal of workforce training and development is to provide a technically competent, high-performance workforce to support current and future missions.

A wide variety of programs and services are available to assist managers, supervisors and employees with all aspects of training and development of civilian and military members of the workforce.


Advice and assistance with course and program development, planning and evaluation are provided. Career counseling tools and resources are available to both employees and supervisors. Training and educational opportunities abound through a host of sources and delivery methods. Course catalogs and schedules may be accessed for training and development needs that span the full spectrum of skills, including leadership, supervisory, legal, medical, engineering, administrative, analysis, specialty, technical, clerical, trades and crafts, as well as basic and remedial skills development. A variety of financial programs are also available to assist with meeting both personal and organizational learning objectives.

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