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Safe Driving In Hawaii

Safe Driving In Hawaii

Driving in Hawaii is a little different from other states. Use the following safe driving tips to help keep you and your family safe on the road:

  • Local residents do not use north, south, east and west when giving driving directions. They will tell you to head mauka (toward the mountain) or makai (toward the ocean) or to go in the Diamond Head (east) or Ewa (west) direction.
  • Landmarks are often driving markers instead of names of streets. Pay close attention to stores and intersections around you, as you may be told to turn right at the Wal-Mart or to turn at the Anna Miller’s near Pearlridge Center.
  • Familiarize yourself with the names of the exit streets on freeway markers rather than the number of the exit. Most people do not know what number exit they live off.
  • Merging on freeway on-ramps can be dangerous in Hawaii. Many Honolulu on-ramps are located very near the next off-ramp, so be careful when merging in and out of freeway lanes near the exits.
  • Please drive with the “aloha spirit.” Be courteous of fellow drivers and always drive defensively.
  • “Shaka” is considered a courtesy sign when merging in traffic.
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