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Hawaii Coast Guard Housing Organization


Area Housing Authority (AHA) — The AHA is responsible for the overall Coast Guard housing program throughout the 14th District Area of Responsibility (AOR). Commanding Officer, Base Honolulu is the designated AHA for all CG housing, owned and leased.

Area Housing Officer (AHO) — The AHO is responsible to the AHA for administration of the Coast Guard’s Housing Program throughout the District 14 area of responsibility.

Oahu Local Housing Officer (LHO) — The LHO is responsible to the AHO for the execution of guidelines and policies governing housing on Oahu, where the majority of Coast Guard personnel assigned to the State of Hawaii resides. The LHO is the primary point of contact for assignments, complaints, suggestions, information and other housing matters.

Local Housing Representative (LHR) — Each unit has a designated, collateral-duty Local Housing Representative who can assist unit members in dealing with housing issues. Ask your sponsor for the name of your LHR.

CG Housing Assignment Policy — PSC-PSD-fs (Housing West) established that government housing is no longer mandatory. Therefore assignment to government-owned housing is voluntary. The government housing goal is to attain housing at the 98 percent occupancy rate per CG Housing Manual. The Base Honolulu Commanding Officer (AHA), by general policy, makes housing assignments for senior officers being considered for assignment to Wailupe Quarters. Accompanied officers and enlisted personnel and their dependents must seek a release from assignment to government-owned housing prior to receiving their BAH entitlement and reside on the economy. This is done by filling out the MLCHSG-003 Determination Form. Members assigned to Oahu commands will, by general policy, be favorably considered for release due to the privatization of Red Hill KKH housing and the non-availability of government-owned housing. All accompanied and unaccompanied personnel will visit the Base Honolulu Housing Branch by the next business day after arriving on island to receive a thorough housing brief. The housing office is in the Pass & Id/Admin building on Sand Island. Please call 808-842-2073/2022 for assistance.

Housing Types:

  • Privatized housing (IPC) on Oahu.
  • Government-leased lousing (very limited).
  • Government-owned housing on all islands.
  • Civilian housing.
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