Hawaii – Coast Guard Community

Leased Housing

The AHA manages very few government-leased quarters throughout the AOR. This is because BAH or existing government-owned housing provides most members/families with adequate quarters. When a member is eligible for government-leased quarters, the Coast Guard pays for all lease costs including basic utilities (electricity, gas and water). Most CG-leased housing units are three-bedroom apartments or town houses in the civilian community within an hour commute of your duty station. Each CG-leased housing unit has been inspected by the Coast Guard for adequate size, facilities, safety and surrounding community. Leases can be obtained for members and their family only when no government-owned or IPC privatized housing is available and they meet all eligibility criteria.

Criteria for assignment eligibility to Coast Guard-leased quarters is based on:

  • Pay grade.
  • Bedroom entitlement.
  • Local Basic Allowance for Housing Rate.
  • Local market rental rates.

Headquarters/Base Honolulu’s leased policy is subject to annual change. Call the Housing Office at 808-842-2073/2022 to check eligibility and availability. All active-duty personnel are required to check into the Base Honolulu Housing Office by the next business day upon signing into the gaining command. Please contact the Housing Office for further assistance at 808-842-2073/2022.

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