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Renter’s Military Clause

Renter’s Military Clause

Hawaii Coast Guard Renters Military Clause


A member should not enter into a lease unless the landlord has included a military clause that releases the member from the lease in event of PCS orders. In Hawaii, 28-days written notice must be provided to the landlord. All landlords listed with HSO include the primary military clause in the lease. This clause requires the landlord to release the member from the lease when the member has been issued PCS orders to another geographic location. Many landlords will incorporate a second military clause in a lease. This additional clause releases the member from the lease if the member is subsequently assigned to government-owned housing. Signing this clause is voluntary on the part of the landlord. Even so, 28-days notice must still be provided to the landlord. Rental unit listings provided by the HSO indicate which landlords offer the second military clause (all HSO listings have the first military clause). The majority of landlords offer the second military clause, but even those who do not may be willing to negotiate inclusion of the second military clause. We strongly recommend that you consult with the Base Honolulu Housing Office prior to signing any lease with a landlord. Such consultation will ensure you fully understand your obligations under the lease terms and conditions. Also, housing referral specialists are able to assist you in negotiating with the landlord.

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