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Upon Your Arrival

At the Airport: Make sure you keep your sponsor, ombudsman and your unit advised of your flight itinerary. All personnel arriving at Honolulu International Airport should be met by their sponsor, unless they are continuing to the islands of Hawaii, Maui or Kauai. You and your family (if applicable) should be transported to a previously arranged temporary lodging hotel accommodation. If you have any arrival problems or questions, contact your assigned unit.

Unit Check-in: All members must officially check in on arrival day, because all overseas allowances (COLA, BAH, TLA) become effective the date of PCS check-in. If you don’t check in at your unit and with the Local Housing Officer, you (and any dependents) will not be reimbursed for any TLA expenses. In addition to checking in at your unit, unaccompanied members must check in with your unit Local Housing Representative. Call your unit before arriving to confirm check-in procedures.

OAHU Temporary Lodging Information

For all units attached to Base Honolulu, D14 Staff and Sector:

USCG Base Honolulu Kukui Hall UPH
(E1-E6 personnel only) 808-842-2973/2975

For USCG Air Station Barbers Point:

AIRSTA Housing Representative 808-682-2615


Pearl Harbor BEQ/BOQ Front Desk/
Central Reservations 808-421-4500


(Wahiawa) 808-622-1792

TLA Reimbursement Procedures for Oahu

Procedures for collecting TLA payments are detailed in this section. Be sure to get a limited power of attorney for your spouse if you expect to deploy soon after arrival.

TLA Reimbursement Procedures for the Neighbor Islands

Neighbor island members must submit the same TLA documentation. To receive payment, you must mail documents to the Base Honolulu Transportation Office. Payment for TLA will usually be made by direct deposit.

Non-reimbursable TLA Expenses

The following expenses incurred during your TLA period are not reimbursable:

  • Cost of boarding pets.
  • Transportation between TLA accommodations and place of duty.
  • Automobile rentals.
  • “Package deals” or Internet packages.
  • Child care/babysitting charges.
  • Entertainment expenses.
  • Bar/alcoholic beverages.
  • Telephone calls (official/personal).
  • Valet services.
  • Public or hotel parking.
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