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Good food abounds in Hawaii. From the simple but delicious local plate lunch (bento), to the most elegant restaurants with the best views anywhere, Hawaii has something for every taste and budget. In fact, the only problem you might have with local food is eating too much!

You’ll want to try Hawaiian luau favorites like the tender, smoky kalua pig, spicy salted lomi lomi salmon, huli huli or teriyaki chicken, poi (mashed taro root) and a variety of sweet, local tropical fruits. And don’t forget the abundant variety of local fish available.

A large Asian influence in Hawaii brings an incredible variety of Asian foods. Chinese restaurants serve the rich, noodle-based Mandarin, spicy Sichuan and local variations including dim sum (bun filled with sweet meats), gau (sticky sweet pudding) and the vegetarian monk’s food. Japanese food is popular as well, from the finest gourmet restaurants to the simple ramen stands with their delicious noodles. But the trendy sushi is still the “in” food. Korean barbecue with its smoky, sweet sauces, Vietnamese food with its Chinese and French influence, and spicy Thai food are plentiful.

In this multicultural paradise, the best foods of the world can be found. Your only problem will be deciding which you choose on any given occasion.

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