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Driver’s License Registration and ID

Driver’s License Registration and ID

Driver’s licenses issued by your home state are generally valid in Hawaii until they expire. If you wish to apply for a Hawaii driver’s license, you must present your Social Security card and current out-of-state license. If your out-of-state license has expired, you will be required to complete an application form and take and pass a written examination, eye test and road test. Your original license will not be returned. You must be 16 years of age to obtain a driver’s license in Hawaii. Persons 18 years of age and older, with a valid driver’s license from other states or Canada, may drive in Hawaii until their license expires or is otherwise declared invalid. Drivers aged 16 and 17 must obtain legal parental or guardian consent, as well as pass a required driver’s education course. In addition, a driver’s education class is now required for those under 18. Driver’s licensing stations are usually located at district police stations and are run by the individual county. In 2009, Hawaii added legislation banning the use of electronic devices while driving.

The driver’s license stations throughout most of the Hawaiian Islands can manufacture on-site a complete plastic driver’s license with photograph. At some locations, permanent driver’s licenses will be mailed to the drivers who successfully pass the driving test. Motorcycle licenses and registration are handled by the individual county DMV.

The following list includes some helpful items to keep in mind when applying for a Hawaii driver’s license.

  • The vehicle you drive must have current license plates, registration and safety check.
  • The Hawaii motor vehicle insurance card must be current and valid. The name of the insured must be the same as the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • Have all personal data proof documents when reporting for a driver’s license. In addition to presenting a Social Security card, you must also present a birth certificate or certificate of citizenship or naturalization.
  • Those receiving treatment for alcohol or substance abuse are required to have medical clearance to receive a driver’s license.
  • Oral examination provisions may be available for those who are unable to read, write or understand English.
  • An instruction permit must be attained prior to applying for a road test.
  • Those ages 15 to 17 must hold an instruction permit for no fewer than 90 days.

For more information, visit the Hawaii Driver’s License website at www.honolulu.gov/csd/vehicle/dlicense.htm.

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