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Barbers Point Stables: Located within the grounds of Ewa Field’s Historic World War II Revetment District, Barbers Point Stables is on the former MCAS Ewa and NAS Barbers Point in Ewa Beach.

The concrete, dome-shaped revetments, which house the horses, were built in 1942 as a result of the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Ewa Field (just prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor). Erected to protect planes from future enemy air attacks, the need for the revetments became obsolete with the conclusion of WWII. In 1960, the revetments transitioned into shelters for horses.

Home to almost 60 horses, this military recreational area offers the contemplative quiet of a WWII Historic District mixed with the excitement and energy of a horse stable and is one of the finest examples of “adaptive reuse” within the Hawaiian Islands.

Historic Barbers Point Stables is Navy-owned and is operated by the Barbers Point Riding Club (BPRC). BPRC provides boarding and share-boarding for privately owned horses. Quarantine stalls are available for horses arriving from the mainland.

For additional information, email BarbersPointRidingClub@yahoo.com or go to www.BarbersPointRidingClub.webs.com.

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