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The Information, Tickets and Travel (ITT) offices serve as your gateway to fun and entertainment on the island, neighbor islands and even the mainland. Want to go to a dinner cruise, luau, music concert or other event? ITT offers specially priced tickets at their six locations: Pearl Harbor’s Fleet Store, NEX, Hickam, Barber’s Point, Wahiawa, and Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), Kauai. To reach out to those who are on the go, a Recreation Ticket Vehicle makes scheduled stops around JBPHH. Besides offering discounted coupon books and cards, ITT offices have free maps, visitor publications and brochures about local activities. For more information, call any location: Fleet Store 808-473-0792, NEX 808-422-2757, Hickam 808-448-2295, Barbers Point 808-682-2019, Wahiawa Annex 808-564-4445/4446 or PMRF Kauai 808-335-4195.

Travel Connections: For your next vacation, stop in and connect with one of our agents. Working directly with wholesalers and various air carriers to offer the best discounts, Travel Connections offers the best discounts in airline tickets, vacation packages, group tours and worldwide cruises. Located in Pearl Harbor’s Fleet Store, Hickam, NEX, these locations can assist you with any of your travel needs. For more information, call any location: Fleet Store 808-422-0139, NEX 808-422-4067 or Hickam 808-423-0255.

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