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Mountainland Homes LLC – Your All-In-One Real Estate Service Company.

We offer a large variety of one-of-a-kind “Personalized” Real Estate Services, designed to accommodate YOU! Our experienced team has the type of knowledge, compassion, and ambition needed to provide you with the best experience and efficiency possible. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver “customizable” Real Estate Service solutions and we love what we do! 



Sell your home and remain as a “renter” while looking for a new one!


Facing Foreclosure?

We’ll help you take control of the situation and STOP the Foreclosure process!


Does your home need work but want to sell?

Whether you need it sold fast or looking to capitalize on the best price by remodeling first, we’ll make it happen! Perhaps you want to sell fast “as is” with a COMPETITIVE Cash Offer and have the option to remain in the home while we help you look for a new one. We’ll help you get it done and pay nothing until Closing. All of this can be accomplished without any “out-of-pocket” expense.


Divorcing Homeowners?

There are many scenarios involving Real Estate during a Divorce. Many couples find themselves unable to accommodate what has been ordered by the courts. Mountianland Homes is here to help! Example #1:  Sell your home with options to stay as a “renter” while we help you find a new home. Another option, would be to remain in the home as a long-term renter. Example #2:  Buy Spouse Out of his or her equity. Example #3:  Borrow from the equity in your home, to cover attorney fees and/or any other financial burdens without having to worry about whether your credit is good enough to qualify… and the list goes on!


 Don’t have a Realtor?

Every Real Estate Company can assist you with house hunting on the Open Market but Mountainland Homes is no ordinary Real Estate Company! We’ll not only help you shop on the Open Market but you’ll also be able to view listings from our Private In-House inventory. 


Need help getting qualified to buy your next home?

We’ll work every possible angle to get you approved for financing through whichever accredited lender can provide you with the lowest available rate and best possible loan terms. It all starts with a risk-free/no-obligation assessment of your overall ability to qualify. We will determine the best possible plan of action for your individual situation. It’s never too soon to take that first step towards getting qualified. Submit your Pre-Qualification Assessment today and find out what we can do for you!


Need to Sell or Considering To?

We’ll not only make sure it sells for a competitive price but in most cases, we can also arrange to allow you to stay in the home while we help you look for a new one.


Own a “Contaminated” Home?

Whether you’re wanting to keep it or sell it, we’ll help get you through it!


Need Mortgage Bail-Out Help?

Emergency assistance available call/text #1(385) 552-7137.


Are you a homeowner looking for help but didn’t see the service you need noted above? Chances are we can help with that too!

Call/Text (385) 552-7137 today and let us know how we can best serve you!

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