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Hill AFB is about 35 minutes north of Salt Lake City and 10 minutes south of Ogden. Interstate 15 provides easy access to the base. The base is also accessible on the east by following U.S. Highway 89 to State Highway 193.

The base has three gates. Primary entrances are the South Gate on State Highway 193, just east of Clearfield Exit 334 on Interstate 15; the Roy Gate at Exit 338; and the West Gate east of the Clearfield-Sunset Exit 335 on Interstate 15. The South and Roy gates are open 24/7. It is recommended that personnel arriving at Hill AFB for the first time use the South Gate and receive directions to Building 146, the 24-hour base lodging arrival point. All visitors must process through the South Gate Visitor’s Center, Building 542.


It is advisable that incoming personnel obtain a sponsor from their new unit before arrival. A sponsor is assigned to make transition to a new installation smoother. During your Permanent Change of Station (PCS), it is important to maintain contact with your sponsor and provide him or her with your arrival information. Sponsors can help with everything from housing and inprocessing to adjusting to the new surroundings. Prior to your arrival, your sponsor will send you pertinent information about Hill AFB, such as a base map and information about the surrounding area. If you do not hear from your sponsor within four weeks of your reporting date, write to the commander of your gaining unit or contact the Military Personnel Flight Customer Service Element at 801-777-1845/1396.


Arriving military personnel should report to the lodging office, Building 146, and contact sponsors, commanders, first sergeants or the commander’s support staff. Military personnel arriving by commercial transportation should contact their sponsor or the lodging office at 801-777-0801/1844 for assistance.

The commander’s support staff schedules the newcomer’s briefing for incoming military personnel and is held monthly at the Airman and Family Readiness Center, Building 150. Contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 801-777-4681 for scheduled dates and times.

Personnel are reminded to be in uniform. A duty uniform must be worn during in-processing, making it a must to hand-carry in your luggage during a PCS.

If you get married before your PCS, inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as they are given. The military does not pay for travel and housing of your spouse if you do not follow proper procedures.


The First Term Airmen Center program is designed for first-term, first-base Airmen, providing a streamlined process for base in-processing and an organized transition for these Airmen from a controlled training (basic, technical) environment to one of self-efficiency as an Air Force member. First-term Airmen arriving at Hill AFB are scheduled to attend an orientation at the center.


Vehicles entering Hill AFB are no longer required to register their vehicles on base or have vehicle decals. There is a 100 percent ID check for drivers entering the base. Visitors must be sponsored at the South Gate Visitor Control Center and carry an AF Form 75 or Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) visitor pass while driving on Hill AFB. Visitor passes are available at the South Gate Visitor Control Center. For more information, call 801-777-8631.


All firearms stored on the installation must be registered within 72 hours of arrival through the 75th Security Forces Squadron, Building 408. Personnel residing in dormitory quarters must store their firearms in the Security Forces armory. Persons living in on-base family housing may keep firearms at home, but must register them with the Security Forces Armory. All firearm owners are encouraged to keep their weapons and ammunition locked away. For more information, call Security Forces at 801-777-3056.


The Airman and Family Readiness Center has resources and services available to make your transition to Hill AFB easier.

Prior to arrival, individuals should access information at www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil to obtain information about Hill AFB and the surrounding area. Child Care for PCS provides active duty families with care for 20 hours per child within 60 days of your arrival. Spouse orientation programs are also available. For more information on the center’s programs and services, call 801-777-4681.


Mountain View Inn
Building 146 801-777-1844

Mountain View Inn is in Building 146 on D Ave., and serves as the 24-hour arrival point for incoming military and their families. Members on orders should check with the Inn for temporary lodging arrangements. If lodging at the Inn is not available, a customer service representative will assist you with arranging off-base lodging and issue the necessary paperwork. The Inn offers facilities for larger families as well as pet units. The limited number of pet units is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis and has a pet fee of $10 per night.


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