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49th Maintenance Group

49th Maintenance Group

The 49th Maintenance Group generates and sustains aircraft in a safe, compliant, and disciplined manner to produce combat-ready aircrews and successfully execute HHQ taskings. 

49th Maintenance Squadron
The 49th Maintenance Squadron provides safe, reliable and timely repair of on- and off-equipment systems for all assigned F-22A, MQ-1, MQ-9 and T-38 aircraft. Employs over 560 personnel in 17 different Air Force Specialty Codes. Performs F-22 low observable maintenance, repairs aerospace ground equipment and fixes propulsion, egress and fuels systems. Calibrates precision measurements equipment for the 49th Wing plus customers commandwide and manages munitions stockpiles. Supports the 96th Test Group, German Air Force, and various tenants. Manages equipment and facilities valued at over $3 billion. 

49th Maintenance Operations Squadron
The 49th Maintenance Operations Squadron is directly responsible for oversight of 49th Maintenance Group daily production, flying support and scheduled maintenance actions for assigned MQ-1, MQ-9 and F-22 aircraft, and administers safety, environmental, security, physical fitness program and deployment management programs for the 49 MXG. The squadron also directs, provides or coordinates all qualification, upgrade, on-the-job and ancillary training for 600 assigned enlisted & officer personnel across the 49 MXG. The squadron conducts armament load training and certification for Remotely Piloted Aircraft and fighter aircraft weapons load crews, and supports munitions saving of all transient aircraft. Additionally, the squadron provides quality assurance oversight of all group maintenance functions, and inspection support for squadron, group, and wing activities, and supports on-aircraft technical support through Air Force Engineering and Technical Services personnel. The squadron also provides administrative support for all maintenance contractor personnel in support of the F-22, MQ-1, MQ-9 and T-38 programs. The 49 MOS comprises 127 military/civilian personnel in 18 different career fields, and manages over $4.02 billion in aircraft and equipment, encompassing 113 facilities, 119 vehicles and 55 deployable Unit Type Code packages. 

49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
The 49th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron maintains combat-ready F-22A Raptors in support of the 7th Fighter Squadron. They generate over 8,500 sorties annually through two separate flying-hour programs and employs over 350 personnel in 10 different Air Force Specialty Codes, expending over 900,000 maintenance man-hours in flying support. They also manage facilities in excess of $99 million and budget and resources in excess of $58 billion. 

849th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
The 849th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides Predator MQ-1B and Reaper MQ-9 aircraft and ground control station maintenance in support of Formal Training Unit operations for the 6th Reconnaissance Squadron, the 29th Attack Squadron, and the 9th Attack Squadron. In addition, the squadron provides maintenance personnel charged with launch and recovery functions at forward locations in support of worldwide expeditionary operations. With 340 personnel assigned, the squadron maintains a mixture of 21 MQ-1B and MQ-9 aircraft, 11 Ground Control Stations and associated equipment and facilities.

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