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Alamogordo lies in the center of a vast area of scenic beauty. A variety of historical, cultural, educational and recreational interests abound. Experience the fun of year-round sledding down the vividly white, pristine dunes of White Sands National Monument. Explore ancient petroglyphs, discover the history of the old west or lose yourself in the lush green of a huge mountain pine forest. There’s always something to do in this Land of Enchantment! Holloman’s host city is home to the famous New Mexico Museum of Space History and planetarium, which draws thousands of visitors annually. 

In addition there is a zoo, several city and state parks, a golf course, a community theater and a small airport offering daily flights to Albuquerque and private aviation. 

Growth and progress describe Alamogordo and friendship is the best way to describe the relationship between the city and Holloman. Alamogordo is a pleasant community. The hospitable people give the city a small town charm and make it particularly special for Holloman residents. 

It won’t take you long to understand the term, “Hollomogordo.” Another expression you’ll hear and see here is, “The Friendliest Place on Earth.” Alamogordo’s historic shopping district offers a variety of quaint shops specializing in hand-crafted southwestern goods. The White Sands shopping mall is located on the northern end of Alamogordo. Throughout the year the base and city work together on many projects and celebrations aimed at making life here good for everyone. 

Alamogordo is popular for being “sunbird country”—a great place to retire—evidenced by the estimated 7,000 military retirees living here. The mixture of business and professional people, technical and farm workers and, of course, the many people stationed and working at Holloman make for an exciting and pleasant tour. About 65 percent of locals are directly related to the base in some way, so the Air Force influence is inescapable. The population of Alamogordo is 36,000 and its elevation is 4,350 feet. 

Alamogordo—a great place to live! 

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