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El Paso, Texas

El Paso offers many points of interest for Holloman people and is a favorite of people stationed here. This city offers great fun for families big or small. Kids can count the whiskers on the tigers in the “cool” park environment of the El Paso Zoo. Spend a Sunday, biking along the Rio Grande or feed baby goats at the Lincoln Dairy petting farm. Western Playland offers rides and roller coasters under the warm sun any day of the year. Many Holloman people get their introduction to El Paso as they arrive at its international airport. Conveniently small, it offers a great mix of airlines and flights to major hubs such as Phoenix, Ontario and Houston. El Paso provides a rare mixture of Old World charm and New World excitement. Located at the foot of the Franklin Mountains, El Paso is less than a 90-minute drive from Holloman. The city gained its notoriety during the 1800s as a cattle town and trading outpost between the Texas territory and Mexico. Such infamous characters as John Wesley Hardin and Pancho Villa once walked the streets. Many historic buildings still stand and several museums chronicle El Paso’s contribution to Wild West lore. 

One of the United State’s largest bases and home to the annual Amigo Air Show, Fort Bliss has museums, fairs and one of the biggest post exchanges in the Southwest. History and military buffs alike will find plenty to do. Each year festivals on both sides of the border celebrate the area’s diverse and colorful past. The student of ancient cultures can find museums and actual sites of prehistoric life at the Heuco Tanks State Park. El Paso also boasts a number of recreational activities more commonly associated with larger cities, such as professional baseball and soccer, dog racing, university sports, live theater and two large malls. El Paso is also home to a symphony orchestra and a popular five-acre zoo. Another popular attraction is Sunland Park Racetrack, which enjoys a lengthy horse racing season from October to May. Auto racing and rodeo are other local favorites. 

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