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Safety Office

Safety Office

The Safety Office is responsible for the overall commander’s mishap-prevention program. The office is grouped into three primary areas: flight safety, weapons safety and ground safety. Flight Safety monitors, tracks and analyzes data on aircraft incidents, conducts investigations on all flight-related mishaps and seeks an active role in preserving combat assets through aggressive mishap prevention measures. Weapons Safety is responsible for overseeing the safe transportation, inspection, storage, delivery, loading and disposal of all munitions assigned to Holloman units, tenants and ranges. Ground Safety manages the wing commander’s mishap prevention program through safety awareness programs, mishap investigations, engineering studies and risk assessments. 

The Safety Office oversees many special programs such as confined space entry, ergonomics, recreational safety, DWI awareness and traffic safety education programs, all aimed at maintaining a safe and healthful environment both on and off duty. This wing staff agency protects base wide resources by minimizing loss to maximize combat readiness. For more information on Wing Safety programs call (575) 572-3793. 

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