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Soaring Heights is more than a community that provides sustainable, well-maintained homes and amenities for Air Force families at Holloman AFB. It is an example of how innovation, successful long-term planning, and forward-thinking community partnerships can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Airmen, their families and the communities in which they reside. Its homes and communities feature pedestrian-friendly streets, a spacious community center and other amenities focused on comfort and convenience for Air Force families. 

New homes feature five-star ENERGY STAR appliances, technology spaces and covered porches for integrated indoor/outdoor living. Additionally, there are educational and family-focused resident programs, premier and innovative safety and recycling programs, community events and recreation opportunities that connect with SHC’s priorities of environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

Since its beginning in July 2007, Soaring Heights has evolved into a spacious community of 1,061 properties that include: legacy, new and renovated homes. Its efficient, friendly services and community amenities are recognized as examples of excellence that strive to meet and exceed Air Force families’ expectations. 

These energy-efficient homes are 20 to 40 percent larger than many of the homes Airmen and their families have been living in for years and boast a number of features designed specifically to allow residents to live the lifestyle they deserve in the place they belong. Soaring Heights’ homes and neighborhoods are family-friendly and designed with the active lifestyles of residents in mind. 

Today, Soaring Heights is an example of how partnership and a shared goal of doing what is best for Air Force families bear results. And most importantly it’s the place Holloman Air Force families call home. 

If you want a quality home and neighborhood in an Air Force community, call SHC at (575) 479-1175 to speak with a leasing consultant and schedule a tour of the community. 

You can find the SHC office at 2300 Alamogordo Blvd. Visit SHC online to view photos, virtual tours and to download floor plans. You can also follow us on Facebook

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