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Check-in Procedures

Check-in Procedures

Reporting procedures

Upon arrival, you must report to the unit Command Support Staff (CSS). If your unit does not have a CSS, report to your Unit Intro Monitor (IM) who will then schedule you for your inprocessing appointment and give you the required paperwork. At the appointment you will be scheduled for the Commando Connection Orientation and any other mandatory appointments. The Commando Connection (Newcomer’s Orientation) is held twice a month from 7:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Please encourage your spouse to attend the orientation, since important information about the installation and community will be addressed. Below you will find a list of documents required during your inprocessing appointment.

1 SOFSS/FSMPS (Customer Service)

  • Two copies of PCS orders and amendments (if applicable)
  • MPS In-processing Worksheet (filled out by unit)
  • AF Form 2096 (Officers for AFSC update/verification & Enlisted for special duty pay)
  • Leave and Earning Statement (to update leave balance in leave web).
  • AF Form 988 for Permissive TDY (members are not allowed to start their PTDY prior to in-processing the base).
  • Members should have current address for family members and beneficiaries in order to complete a new vRED and SGLI election as part of their in-processing.
  • First duty station airmen authorized an initial enlistment bonus or a promotion will need to bring their training certificates (Tech school and basic military training)and AF Form 3008 along to this appointment.
  • Dependent NO-FEE passports (Overseas Returnee Only)


Military pay


  • Current local address, newly assigned unit/office symbol (for delivery of LES)
  • Copy of marriage certificate, or divorce decree, if status changed during your move
  • Copy of rental/lease agreement or mortgage payment (for variable housing allowance)
  • Temporary lodging expense (TLE) will be filed at the briefing.

In order to file for TLE you will need:

  • A completed TLE form (available at inprocessing)
  • Lodging receipts (showing inclusive dates and daily rates)
  • A non-availability of government quarters statement (if claiming off-base quarters) (obtained from billeting)


Travel pay

To complete your travel pay/PIPS, click here.

All questions regarding lodging arrangements must be addressed at 850-884-6245 or DSN 312-579-6245. Questions regarding inprocessing, contact customer service at 850-884-5252 or DSN 312-579-5252.


Newcomers’ orientation

Commando Connection is our newcomer’s orientation. This orientation is sponsored by the 1st Special Operations Wing Commander along with many Hurlburt Field’s agencies and is held at the Commando Auditorium twice a month, beginning at 8:00 a.m. It is mandatory for incoming, permanent-party Air Force members and all spouses are encouraged to attend.


First duty station airmen

Any first duty station airmen will also be given class start dates for the Commando Pride Airman Center which is a mandatory two-week course. The program is 10 duty days of in-processing, professional briefings, ancillary training, and mission orientation. The BDU uniform is worn on most days, but an open ranks inspection in the blue service uniform is also conducted. Students must bring a complete service uniform, with short-sleeved shirt and a lightweight blue jacket (during winter months). Mission orientation is a variety of tours designed to help first duty station airman understand how they fit into an Air Force Special Operations Command way of life.


Finance in-processing

All financial in-processing is conducted online. On this website, the member can process a travel voucher, TLE, etc.

If the member/dependent(s) PCS to Hurlburt Field from overseas, you are entitled to a maximum of 10 days TLE upon arrival to Hurlburt. If the member/dependent(s) PCS from another CONUS base to Hurlburt Field, member/dependent(s)you are entitled to a maximum of 10 days of combined TLE for your previous CONUS base and Hurlburt Field (i.e., 5 days at previous location and 5 days at current location). TLE is comprised of a percentage of the local per diem rate per member/dependent(s). Per diem is the total of lodging, meals and incidental expenses (M&IE). Local M&IE is currently $51.00/day. The current off base lodging is limited to $178.00 per night (10 days only). Members/dependents(s) are required to utilize on base lodging. If lodging is unavailable, the Commando Inn will direct the member/dependent(s) off base. Ensure the member/dependent(s) obtain a “Non-availability Statement” from the Commando Inn. Total TLE entitlement may not exceed $229.00/day (current rate for 1 June-31 July 2010).

Note: BAH is effective for local area immediately upon arrival. BAH is payable to the members duty station zip code.


Marriage enroute

If you get married prior to moving, you must inform the Customer Service at the Military Personnel Section (MPS) when inprocessing.

To enroll your spouse in DEERS and obtain an I D Card, you must stop at the customer service desk with a copy of the certified marriage certificate, and your spouse birth certificate, social security card and a photo ID (Foreign born spouses will be assigned a temporary number until they are able to provide their Social Security Card).

A DEERS print out (DD Form 1172), marriage certificate, and order must be taken to the Force Management Section. The Force Management Section will cut the amendment to the orders. Force Management Section will contact you within 7 duty days to pick up the orders. At that time you will be able to file your travel voucher or complete any other official appointment or process. Do not forget to stop at the Finance Office and TRICARE Office to ensure spouse enrollment in health care program is done.

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