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Detachment 3, 342d Training Squadron

Detachment 3, 342d Training Squadron

Detachment 3, of the 342d Training Squadron is a geographically separated Air Education and Training Command Unit aligned under the 37th Training Wing located at Lackland AFB, Texas. The detachment instructs these battlefield Airmen to perform as Tactical Air Control Party Apprentices and Craftsmen. Upon graduation, these “forward air controllers” work directly with U.S. Army Airborne, Air Assault, Armor, Mechanized Infantry, Light Infantry, Ranger and Special Forces units, acting as the close air support liaison to the Army. Since the graduates are assigned to Army units, they train on Army standard operating procedures, complete grueling ruck march training and they must pass the Army PT test. Detachment 3 has the follow-on mission of teaching the Craftsman course where TACPs earn their 7-level in one of the few remaining inresidence 7-level courses in the Air Force. The unit’s mission is to provide our Air Force and Army commanders in the field with safe, competent and confident combat mission-ready Airmen.

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