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Florida driver’s license

Florida driver’s license

Florida law requires new applicants obtaining a Florida driver license or identification card to provide two forms of identification i.e. a primary document and also a secondary document. The primary document must be a U.S. birth certificate, a U.S. Passport, an approved INS document, or a driver license from another approved state. At this time, there are 20 states that do not meet Florida’s screening standards (see list below). The following 20 state’s driver licenses/identification cards can only be used as secondary form of identification. Applicants must present one of the other acceptable forms of primary identification to obtain a Florida driver’s license or identification card: Alaska, Iowa, North Carolina, Utah, Connecticut, Michigan, Oregon,Vermont, Hawaii, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Virginia, Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee, Washington, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, and Wisconsin.

There has been a marked increase in traffic citations involving family members with regards to failure to have a Florida driver’s license. Although active duty members may not have to get a FL license,(see the online handbook for exceptions) the family members are not exempt and must change to a FL license in order to operate a vehicle here. If you are stopped, and don’t have a valid FL driver’s license, you may receive a criminal traffic charge and may have to appear in court, pay fines and may get points assessed.

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