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Obtaining a sponsor prior to your arrival can be the key to a successful PCS. All Air Force Permanent Party personnel should contact their unit of assignment to request a sponsor. Sponsorship is mandatory for all personnel below the grade of colonel. If you still do not receive a sponsor, contact the Hurlburt Field Military Personnel Section (MPS) for assistance, 850-884-5252 or DSN 312-579-5252. If you encounter any difficulties with this process you can always contact the Relocation Assistance Program at 850-884-2949 or DSN 579-2949.

The sponsors primary role will be to answer any questions you may have about the base and the area. Your sponsor can also make lodging/dorm arrangements for you, and meet you upon arrival. Your sponsor will help you, and your family, until you are settled into the new community. He/she will be sending you a Newcomer’s Guide (CD) with information about the base, community, housing, schools, etc., and any other additional information that you may have requested.

Department of Defense civilians should contact your selecting official or personnel office for a sponsor. If you still do not receive a sponsor, contact the Hurlburt Field Civilian Personnel Office for assistance at 850-884-5212 or DSN 312-579-5212.

Personnel arriving after duty hours should report to lodging at 850-844-6245. If you arrive during duty hours, contact your respective unit and they will be able to welcome and guide you through the inprocessing.

Prior to your arrival, you should have your mail sent to General Delivery: Name, 437 Tully Street # 1000, Hurlburt Field FL 32544-5715. The Postal Service Center (PSC) will use this general delivery address to hold your mail until you arrive. In addition to sending your mail, be sure to phone the PSC at 850-884-6219/3435 or DSN 312-579-6219/3435 to let them know that you are coming to Hurlburt Field, Florida.

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