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U.S. Air Force Special Operations School

U.S. Air Force Special Operations School

The U.S. Air Force Special Operations School falls under the Air Force Special Operations Training Center.

Activated in April 1967, as the USAF Special Air Warfare School under the Special Air Warfare Center, the school was redesignated USAFSOS in July 1968. The school’s initial course was The Special Air Warfare Indoctrination Course designed to prepare Air Force personnel for duty in Southeast Asia. Since then, the curriculum has changed continuously to meet emerging educational needs of special operations warriors as they respond to complex world situations. USAFSOS prepares special operations Airmen to successfully plan, organize and execute global special operations by providing indoctrination and education for AFSOC, other USSOCOM components and joint/interagency/coalition partners. USAFSOS turns skilled Airmen into special operators.

USAFSOS professional development courses indoctrinate new personnel into the special operations community and mission. USAFSOS teaches one-week regional and cultural awareness courses focused on SOF areas of responsibility to orient the SOF warrior to the cultural, historical, political, economic and security issues of a particular region. USAFSOS offers courses on asymmetric warfare to educate SOF personnel on adversarial threats and operational and technological countermeasures available for consideration. USAFSOS offers joint special operations courses to provide SOF indoctrination for new Air Commandos, SOF air command and control, contemporary insurgency warfare and operational planning. The school conducts courses to prepare selected officers to command deployed operations.

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