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As a local VA Lending Specialist, and a military spouse myself, it is my goal to assist each of my clients with a smooth and seamless VA loan transaction.  Please ask questions, as your lender, I will always be willing to answer your questions, so you are informed, empowered and comfortable with your mortgage.  Every person is different.  Every loan is different.  Every family has different needs!  

Beach Community Mortgage is a designated Military Friendly Company and a Military Friendly Employer as well. 

To start your pre-qualification right now, please call or jump over to my website and complete the application!   It is such a pleasure to assist you.  – Julie Kuhn




The VA Loan is a federal loan offered to veterans, military members and qualified military spouses created to help families purchase or finance their home during the home buying process. It is a government-backed loan guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Each loan is issued by a qualified VA lender that determines the rates, terms and conditions of the loan based on VA rules and guidelines.

The VA Home Loan was created in 1944 by the United States government to help returning service members finance and purchase for their families without needing excellent credit or a down payment.

Due to the housing market crisis that happened between 2008 and 2012, traditional home loan lenders have made it more difficult to qualify for a home loan. VA Home Loans makes it easier for qualified service members to qualify for loan programs with very strict qualifications.


$0 No Money Down 

Qualified borrowers can take advantage of a VA loan without putting down a down payment.


Federal Loans do not require Private Mortgage Insurance, reducing the overall costs associated with the loan.

Competitive Interest Rates 

Lenders have more freedom to offer lower interest rates to home buyers due to being backed by the federal government.

Less Requirements 

In general, you can qualify for a VA Loan with fewer requirements, making it easier to get approved.


Up to 20% Down

Qualified borrowers are required to put down a payment of up to 20%.

PMI (Insurance Required)

Private Mortgage Insurance is required for any home buyer that finances 80% or more of their home.

Higher Interest Rates

Without any government guarantees, interest rates are usually higher to compensate for additional risks.

Standard Qualification Procedures

All standard approval procedures must be followed which makes it more difficult for a homeowner to qualify for financing a home.