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Navy Survey to Address Privatized Housing Issues

Navy Survey to Address Privatized Housing Issues

As a result of recent concerns of sub-standard privatized housing conditions across the military branches, Chief of Naval Operations John Richardson has directed an “out of cycle” housing survey be given to all service members currently living at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling.

The intent of the survey, which will be conducted from April 2-30 by an independent third party, is to determine residents’ overall satisfaction with privatized housing, to include health and safety concerns.

What makes the survey unique is that it is being conducted on behalf of the Navy, which is different than past annual surveys that were conducted on behalf of the five companies that provide Navy privatized housing.

Service members through the survey will also be able to note their likes and dislikes with privatized housing, concerns they may have regarding their homes, community and services provided by the privatized housing management companies as well as overall satisfaction.

All service members living in privatized housing are strongly encouraged to participate in the survey. They will receive a letter, which will provide information on how to access the survey, from CEL & Associates, Inc., which is an independent third party that will conduct and manage the survey. 
In light of issues recently raised by service members and families, the Navy has also conducted town hall meetings and “walk troughs” where residents volunteer to have leadership check out their houses. In addition, the Navy is working with housing partners to ensure maintenance and repairs are conducted and other issues are addressed.

The Navy is also conducting a survey April 2 to June 20 for service members living in unaccompanied housing. A survey for service members and families living in government-owned or government-leased housing was launched on March 19, and runs through June 6.

For more information, contact the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Public Affairs Office at (202) 404-8863.

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