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More on A-Town Coffee

A-Town Coffee Roasters was established in 2016 by Micheal (“Michelle”) Tuttle, who was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska.


After completing more than ten IronMan™ competitions, Micheal set out to create flavorful coffee products that also provided sustainable energy throughout the day. As a single parent of two, Micheal understands the daily struggle to maintain energy when balancing kids, work, and life.


After significant research into the chemical properties of coffee, Micheal landed on using Ghee butter from grass-fed cows to roast her coffee beans in. Ghee butter offers additional health benefits over traditional butter that Micheal thought could benefit endurance athletes, busy parents, or anyone who wants to try coffee with an added lift. With lightning in every sip, A-Town Coffee gives you the energy to take on any challenge while also being KETO friendly.


Experience the difference today!


A-Town proudly donates a portion of its profits to women’s and children’s causes.

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