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Bridge of Hope

We see a growing, multi-cultural, multi-generational church, so infused with HOPE and passion in Jesus, that it influences every sphere of culture.  We see a body so Kingdom-minded, that its people will count the cost and pay whatever the price to see transformation sweep across Alaska and beyond.

We see incredible, Christ-centered, hope-filled worship coming from this house, that influences the worship of the entire Body of Christ, writing and recording the sound of Bridge of Hope.

We see altars filled with people responding to the clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ, under conviction of the Holy Spirit, as HOPE is restored to families.   We see marriages restored, children returned, wounds healed, addictions broken, pasts redeemed, and destinies fulfilled.

We see a HOPE-restored people so dependent on the Holy Spirit with a “Here am I, send me” attitude in their hearts that cannot be stopped, allowing nothing to stand in God’s way.  We see a massive sending out into villages, cities, and nations, of people carrying the message of HOPE in Jesus, with love for Him and love for people.

We see a church with its head being Jesus, whose help is the Holy Spirit, committed to the Great Commission.   A church that will raise, train, equip, empower and send a HOPE filled generation into all the earth.

Bridge of Hope will not simply be our name, it is who we are.