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Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

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The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is dedicated to the mission of “Securing the state, defending the nation.” More than 4,300 professionals within the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Alaska Military Youth Academy, Veterans Affairs, Administrative Services, Alaska Aerospace Corporation, Alaska State Defense Force and Alaska Naval Militia work diligently to ensure the safety, security and future success of Alaska and its people.

Defending and protecting Alaska and the United States is a critical mission in today’s increased focus on the Arctic. Alaska’s significant geographic location and premier military training areas place the state at the forefront of national defense strategy. The brave men and women of the Alaska National Guard continue to rise to the challenge of keeping Alaska and the United States safe and secure. For this reason, developing and retaining a ready and relevant force structure is paramount to continued mission success in Alaska’s area of responsibility.

Alaska’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is a national leader in disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Because of the constant threat of a man-made or natural disaster, it is vital to sustain a sufficient strategic reserve and engage communities in preparation and planning. As we optimize the state’s ability to respond to a catastrophic disaster, we must continue to institutionalize partnerships and interoperable capability.

Outreach to veterans and military families in Alaska remains a top priority of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Veterans and military families living in Alaska have sacrificed for this state and for the nation. It is imperative to continue to expand community and organizational relationships to ensure that veterans and military families receive the utmost care and support. This support network is critical in the effort to get veterans the benefits they have earned by registering them with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. As Alaskans, it’s a distinct pleasure and opportunity to give back to those who have given so much.

The youth of Alaska are one of the state’s most valuable resources. Young people in our state face tremendous obstacles in their path to success. Alaska’s youth lead the nation in suicide and drug abuse rates per capita. The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs empowers youth to overcome these obstacles by providing life-changing ;and foundation-buildingopportunities in the Alaska Military Youth Academy.

The Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs is an exceptional organization, focused on safety, veterans, families, citizens in our state and deployments overseas in support of our nation. We are composed of extremely talented people and work diligently for the citizens of Alaska.

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