Joint Base Elmendorf – Richardson Community

Army Community Service

ACS is in the basement and on the first floor in the west wing of Building 600. Call 907-384-1517 for more information. The Armed Services YMCA Military WIC Clinic, 907-384-0261, is co-located with ACS. 

The Information, Referral and Follow-up (I&R) Program in-processes and out-processes all newcomers, provides individual and family assessment and assistance, provides information about community resources and outreach assistance, and offers help in problem resolution. 

The I&R staff can help clients find answers to unusual problems or locate information that is not readily available. Call 907-384-1517 at JBER-Richardson for information or assistance. Under JBER, the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) became the responsibility of the 673d Medical Group Family Advocacy Program Office, 907-580-5858. 

The Mobilization and Deployment (M&D) Readiness Program is managed by the Family Readiness manager and staff to promote well-informed, self-sufficient and confident Army families, reducing their stress and isolation by linking them quickly with their new community. 

The M&D program manager is the primary support person for Family Readiness Group (FRG) training, coordination and liaison. The FRG is a primary communication bridge between unit commanders and family members. The ACS program coordinator presents both regularly scheduled and special rear detachment operations training, Operation R.E.A.D.Y., mobilization and deployment briefings and other special programs for Soldiers and family members. Mobilization and Deployment provides support and resources for rear detachments during deployments. 

The M&D staff also promotes self-reliance by educating service members and their families about preparing families for deployment. Unit family readiness groups and rear-detachment commanders are given information and training on strategies for coping with military separation. 

The M&D staff provides assistance in preparing units for deployment such as briefings and information on community resources, financial preparedness, maintaining family relationships and what to expect when the deployed Soldier returns home. Additionally, the deployment specialists are the local experts on Military One Source. Call 907-384-6736 for more information. 

The Army Family Team Building program manager and master trainers inform family members about the Army, allowing Soldiers and family members to improve their local community. They work closely with Soldiers and family members to strengthen the overall readiness of the force, teaching and promoting personal and family readiness through progressive and sequential education for everyone from newcomers to seasoned veterans. Topics vary from military customs and courtesies to leadership skills and group conflict management. Soldiers can earn promotion points by completing AFTB training in a combination of online and classroom settings. Call 907-384-1513 for information or assistance. 

The Joint Army Family Action Plan program gives grassroots support to service members and their families. They work to raise issues as far as Headquarters, Department of the Army; Headquarters, Department of the Air Force; and Congress to change laws to improve the quality of life and community well-being when circumstances, finances and/or regulations block changes that could benefit the local installation. Most local AFAP issues are resolved through the local program; those that are not are forwarded up the chain of command as necessary to achieve resolution. Call 907-384-1513 for more information. 

The Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) provides a wide range of services to relocating families. One excellent program is the Standard Installation Topic Exchange Service, an automated database of military installations worldwide. Other services include welcome packets, relocation adjustment workshops, pre-move and post-move workshops for newcomers, travel maps and cultural-diversity programs, including English as a second language. 

The RRP also provides a well-supplied lending closet for service members and families in transition that is stocked with kitchen and household items for temporary loan. The program provides an outstanding free newcomer orientation for every service and family member who arrives at JBER. ACS pays for child care for those attending the orientation. Call 907-384-1515 for information or assistance. 

The Employment Readiness Program offers individual and group services that maximize opportunities for family members to attain initial or better employment. Training on resume writing, interviewing techniques, dressing for success and career planning are among the classes available to ensure family members locate the best possible job with career potential. The program manager is available to assist customers in reviewing current job openings on- and off-post. Call 907-384-6716 for information. 

The Financial Readiness Program provides budget counseling, debt liquidation and credit information, consumer education, checkbook management assistance, and positive lifetime financial planning through individual counseling sessions and community education classes. 

Consumer assistance with handling deceptive, illegal or unethical business practices is also available. The Financial Readiness Training for First-Term Service Members program is a congressionally and Department of Defense mandated eight-hour, twicemonthly presentation provided to all first-term service members; family members are welcome to attend. Call 907-384-7509 for information or assistance. 

The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) provides social services support, information and advocacy to family members with special needs. EFMP links exceptional family members to proper services and, upon departure, screens them again to ensure proper services will be in place at the next duty station. 

The EFMP manager advocates for and provides direct casework services to EFMP clients and follows up with them and their service providers to ensure they are receiving appropriate services. The manager maintains up-to-date and accurate information on available resources and assists EFMP clients to prepare for their next duty assignments. 

The JBER Exceptional Family Member Program manager is located in Building 600 on JBER-Richardson. Being co-located with the JBER-Richardson EFMP manager allows both to deliver top-notch information and service to military families being assigned to JBER. Enrollment, PCS information, school district coordination and local resources provide a smooth transition for EFM families. Call 907-384-0225 for information or assistance. 

The Army Volunteer Corps is managed by the Army Volunteer Coordinator (AVC), who registers all post volunteers and assists in placing them in positions of their choice. The coordinator also assists supervisors with volunteer placement and problem solving. 

The ACS volunteer manager directs the efforts of volunteers in many of the ACS program areas to expand the entire program’s service delivery capabilities, and provides volunteer job descriptions, training and orientation, recognition and accounting for time contributed. As funds permit, free child care is provided to ACS volunteers while they are working at ACS. Call 907-384-6716 for information. 

Military and Family Life Consultant Program (MFLC): Need to talk? Is something different? Feeling out of control? MFLCs are available to provide short-term confidential assistance to Soldiers and dependents. Call 907-384-1534 for information or assistance. 

Army Emergency Relief (AER): The AER program falls under Army Support Activity. Call 907-384-1805 for information. 

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