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I’m Andrea Levanti, the artist behind Gossamer Lane Fine Art. I live in rural Western Washington, part of the amazing Pacific Northwest where daily inspiration from nature is boundless, with views of the beautiful Mt. Rainier, it’s Cascade Range and the Olympic Mountains. In spite of the grand views, the focus of my art is nature up close and personal and often larger than life. I find many of my subjects right on the land where​ I live, from the barred owls that come to the woods to hunt in spring to a simple flower blooming outside my window. A favorite movie quote from a character in Ms. Potter expresses it best: “I love flowers shockingly.”

Watercolor and colored pencil are my media of choice, as they allow the precision necessary for the realism I love. It’s not enough to see a photo of a subject; I’m compelled to immerse myself in it and then bring it to life with my own hands. Some of my greatest artistic inspirations along with nature are Anna Mason, Beatrix Potter, Charles Renee Mackintosh, Claude Monet, Emily Carr, Ernst Haeckel, The Group of Seven, and Wassily Kandinsky.

Photos from Gossamer Lane Fine Art

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