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Paula Meyer became a widow on June 1, 2018, at 54. Her husband, Gary, passed away after a long and courageous battle with throat cancer. He was only 62. Her way of coping was to throw herself into her work, as a way of not having to deal with the pain and loss. As her health deteriorated, she ended up in the ER on Nov 12, 2018, her 55th birthday, and underwent an emergency appendectomy. Realizing that she had missed many subtle signs that her body was in crisis, she knew this was a wake-up call. With all the international travel that she did for her job, she was grateful this had not happened in a foreign country or on an airplane.

Yet it still took a couple months, and with the help and support of Denise Dielwart, to make major decisions that would get her back on the road to health and making herself the priority in her life. She completed Denise’s online course in February 2019.

One of Paula’s goals is to help women get back in the game of life and realize there is still so much to learn and love with the time we have left. She is excited to be collaborating with Denise, Michelle, Tracy, and Seattle Sound Temple to bring her online workshop into live events.

Paula recently retired from a position as events director for a New York Times bestselling author. She has more than 30 years experience as an event, workshop, and meeting planner and as a procurement/contracting specialist, and 12 years in author/speaker management. She has travelled to 20 countries, some multiple times, and many stops all over the US.

Her new post-retirement endeavor, GP Eventworx, is an event production company specializing in author/speaker/teacher workshops in the US and internationally, including grief retreats for women. Paula continues to travel internationally and lives in Washington, Colorado, and Florida. Read her travel blog at and for more information visit her website at

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