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KinderSwimmer teaches children and adults to swim for over 22 years. We use private indoor 92 degree saltwater pools. We currently teach in the areas of Renton and Spanaway.

Having only 4 children per class give us time to work individually with each child’s ability. We use a unique float belt system that help the child to relax as they learn what they need to do to learn to swim.

As they progress then belt slowly come off until they are swimming on their own. It also helps them gain their confidence in their abilities. We focus on safety strokes and do not have “levels” this way they can continue to progress without feeling frustrated that they can’t move to the next “level”.

Focusing on Crawl stroke, Back Crawl, Elementary back stroke and recovery jumping to begin with is the foundation of a good swimmer.

Once they can master these strokes then we move onto Breast stroke and then they can move into the advanced class where we begin to build stamina and start to introduce other types of swimming strokes, such as butterfly, side stroke and flip turns and many more.

Our main goal is to teach children to be safe in the water. If they would like to take swimming to the next level then we are here for that as well. We want to support our students and get them to where they want to be in swimming.

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