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One year Home Warranty with purchase
One year Home Warranty with purchase

As you may already have discovered, buying a home can be an intensely time-consuming proposition. Hiring a capable, committed REALTOR® such as myself can keep the home search from obliterating your free time and save you plenty of money in the process.

Why hire me to find the right home for you?

First, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a talented professional with abundant resources who takes the time to identify your requirements and taste, then searches for the best possible match within your budget. Let me do all the leg work, so you spend your time looking only at homes that I’ve pre-screened to meet your criteria.

Second, I know how to gauge a home’s fair market value. Some home buyers may not recognize if a given property is priced correctly, or they might miss something that could turn your dream home into a nightmare. As an experienced REALTOR®, I’ll make sure you don’t overpay, and I’ll help you identify any hidden costs.

Then there’s the mountain of paperwork involved in real estate transactions. Even if all else goes well, you’ll spend an enormous amount of time reviewing documents, and it’s very important that you know how to interpret the data correctly. I have the expertise to get everything done quickly and accurately, without delays.

And finally, there’s the closing. A single mistake at this point can derail the entire deal, setting you back weeks or months, and wasting all the effort you’ve invested up to this point. I’m familiar with navigating these treacherous waters and know how to steer you toward a successful purchase.

Perhaps best of all, if you purchase a home with me I will reimburse you the cost of one home inspection and will purchase one year warranty for your home. Even better for buyers, the seller pays my commission, not you.

That means you can take advantage of my services without spending a dime.

To learn more about how I can make buying a home easier and less costly, please email me at, or just give me a call/text at 253-720-3515.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Reimbursement to be paid out to the client at closing from agent’s commission.

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