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U.S. & Indian armies complete Yudh Abhyas 19

U.S. & Indian armies complete Yudh Abhyas 19

Story by SSG Joseph Tolliver on 09/18/2019

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. Soldiers with the U.S. Army’s 7th Infantry Division and the Indian army concluded its 15th year iteration of exercise Yudh Abhyas 19 with a closing ceremony at the Soldiers Field House here, Sept.18, 2019.

The exercise is rotated each year between the U.S. and India to build readiness and develop personal relationships.

Yudh Abyas, which means “preparing for war” in Hindi, is an opportunity for the partnered military organizations to share tactical and technical understanding in a joint training environment, ultimately leading to an enhanced relationship between the partnered soldiers and organizations.

“I watched as our two teams worked together under tough training conditions, learning from lessons together.” said Brig. Gen. Kevin C. Leahy, the 7th Inf. Div. Deputy Commanding General for Operations. “I could see real relationships between our Soldiers.”

The partnered armies faced numerous tasks together, highlighting their operational compatibility while working side-by-side throughout the field training exercise.

“You demonstrated why relationships matter,” Leahy added. “In every recent combat or contingency operation that our army has been a part of we’ve done it with partners.”

The bilateral training culminated in a joint air assault task force, supported by a combined sniper team, with aviation support from the Washington National Guard to clear a mocked-up village.

“Should a crisis ever happen that puts our two teams together,” Leahy concluded. “We will be ready to answer that call. We are better prepared to do it together.”

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