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Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory, East

Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory, East

(609) 754-2442

Joint Base MDL is home to a unique Department of Defense mission — the Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory, East. ASWBPL East has a long-standing history of commitment to the Armed Services Blood Program and to the Department of Defense having been first established on June 25, 1966. The Air Force is the executive agent of the
Tri-Service staffed ASWBPL which claims to be the “original joint team.” Staffing consists of thirteen military medical personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force and three civilian contractors.

The ASWBPL receives blood products collected by the 20 Army, Navy and Air Force blood donor centers throughout the country. All units received are subjected to stringent quality control procedures. The blood is then tested, processed and repackaged for ­shipment to any destination specified by the Armed
Services Blood Program office. Blood ­shipments are coordinated with U.S. Transportation
Command and shipped on military and civilian contract aircraft all over the globe.

The primary role of ASWBPL-East is to provide blood and blood product support to DOD medical treatment facilities in peacetime and to maintain a rapid response capability to supply blood in emergencies, contingencies and pre-position blood products during military operations. To ensure this readiness posture, ASWBPL operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week supporting all medical treatment facilities throughout United States Central Command, U.S. European Command and more recently U.S. African Command.

The ASWBPL’s secondary role is to support the Armed Services Blood Program in the development of new programs and long-range goals affecting blood transfusions within the DOD. An example is the replacement of the existing frozen blood inventory with frozen red blood cells that have an extended shelf life after thawing.

The Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory is accredited by the College of American Pathologists and Food and Drug Administration. Both of these agencies ensure regulatory compliance of over 2,000 stringent checklist items. The goal of these accreditation programs is to improve the quality of clinical laboratory medicine through voluntary participation, professional peer review, education and compliance with established performance standards. The ASWBPL is a member of an exclusive group of more than 6,000 laboratories worldwide that have met the highest standards of excellence for laboratory medicine. This dedicated team of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and civilian professionals are the lifeline to not only our warriors and their families but also to those in need as the DOD supports the diverse range of military operations.


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