Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Community

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
New Jersey Task Force One—NJ-TF1

New Jersey Task Force One—NJ-TF1

(732) 657-7001

New Jersey Task Force One, located on Lakehurst, was established in 1997 to address a technical rescue gap in the N.J. State’s emergency response plan. The team, made up of 210
personnel, currently resides within the Division of State Police, Homeland Security Branch, Emer-
gency Management Section, Emergency Response Bureau, Urban Search and Rescue Unit.

Since its inception, NJ-TF1 has responded to many structural collapses and natural disasters. The team responded to the World Trade Center incident in September 2001; the Atlantic City parking garage collapse in October 2003; Warren County flood/swift water events in September 2004; the Eatontown commercial building gas explosion in March 2005; Hurricane Katrina in September 2005; Hurricane Irene 2011; Hurricane Sandy 2012 and several other technical search and rescue assists throughout the state. In addition to operation deployments, NJ-TF1 participated in the Top Officials 3 Exercise in New London, Conn. All components train regularly in its respective discipline at the NJ-TF1 Training Facility at Lakehurst.


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