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Composed of three installations (McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst), JBMDL is the Department of Defense’s first joint base and only joint base that consolidated Air Force, Army and Navy installations. Dix and McGuire are in Burlington County in New Jersey (south central) in the Delaware River Region, near New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the famous Jersey Shore. This portion of the base is in a wooded, rural, agricultural area, which is the least densely populated area in the state. Lakehurst, formerly known as Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst, is on the eastern portion of JBMDL in the New Jersey Pinelands in what is considered a resort area. Lakehurst lies on approximately 7,400 of the joint base’s 42,000 contiguous acres. JBMDL spans more than 20 miles east to west. It is bordered by two of the largest counties in New Jersey: Ocean and Burlington, which include 10 townships or boroughs.

JBMDL is home to five wings, including the 87th Air Base Wing. As host wing, the 87th Air Base Wing provides installation support to more than 80 mission partners spread across the base’s 42,000 acres. Other Air Force organizations at JBMDL include the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center, 108th Wing, 305th Air Mobility Wing, 514th Air Mobility Wing and 621st Contingency Response Wing. Army organizations include the 174th Infantry Brigade, the 99th Regional Support Command, CERDEC and the New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy. Navy organizations include the Naval Air Systems Command. Marine units include Marine Aircraft Group 49. Coast Guard organizations include the Atlantic Strike Team. For a full list of the more than 80 organizations and mission partners at JBMDL, visit


More than 52,000 airmen, soldiers, sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, civilians and their family members live and work on and around JBMDL.

Economic Impact

The joint base is one of the largest employers in New Jersey — the only other entity that employs more personnel than JBMDL is the state of New Jersey. Service members and their family members living and working on and around JBMDL contribute to an overall economic impact of $6.9 billion to New Jersey.


JBMDL 2019 History

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst formed as the result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. On Oct. 1, 2009, former Fort Dix, Naval Air Engineering Station Lakehurst and McGuire Air Force Base were combined to create JBMDL.

The oldest portion of the installation began as an ammunition proving ground near the resort town of Lakehurst, New Jersey. In 1917, following the Russian Revolution, the Eddystone Testing Ground was procured by the Ordinance Department of the Army. The area was then named Camp Kendrick and used as a munitions and mustard gas testing location.

Nearby Camp Dix — named for Maj. Gen. John Adams Dix — was also formed in 1917, to serve as a training and staging location for the heavy troop requirements of World War I. Throughout the next few years, Camp Dix trained and deployed the 87th and 34th infantry divisions and was the birthplace of the fabled 78th “Lighting” Division and “Point of the Wedge” in World War I’s final offensive.

After the war, both installations experienced rapid reductions in manpower and personnel. However, the Navy, wishing to continue its lighter-than-air efforts, saw Camp Kendrick as a likely location for airship operations and began building the foundation for its air station in 1919. The foundation — Lakehurst’s Hangar One — was built to house and support the lighter-than-air program. The structure was 961 feet long, 350 feet wide and 200 feet high and was intentionally built oversize in order to comfortably construct and house the first of the United States’ rigid airships, the Shenandoah.

In 1921, the Navy purchased Camp Kendrick from the Army and renamed it Naval Air Station Lakehurst.

Between the wars, Camp Dix and NAS Lakehurst maintained steady operations. Camp Dix became a training facility for National Guard and Army Reserve units after World War I. Meanwhile, NAS Lakehurst became home to three of the four rigid airships owned by the Navy (ZR-1 Shenandoah, ZR-3 Los Angeles and ZRS-4 Akron). It was the nation’s first trans-Atlantic international airport and the U.S. berthing location of the LZ 129 Hindenburg. On the evening of May 6, 1937, the Hindenburg airship exploded and crashed at Lakehurst killing 37 people.

Soon after, NAS Lakehurst purchased an additional 5,892 acres and became the largest naval installation east of the Mississippi at 7,430 acres. As the Navy’s primary location for lighter-than-air vehicles, NAS Lakehurst was a thriving hub of home defense activity.

Camp Dix officially became a permanent Army installation March 8, 1939. In order to meet the needs of the Army, Fort Dix absorbed surrounding farm fields and wooded acres — nearly 35,000 acres — to create the enormous artillery grounds and training ranges. The installation gained more capacity when the Civilian Conservation Corps runway was constructed in 1937. This formed the Fort Dix Army Air Base that provided aerial support to the Army post.

At the end of World War II, more than 1.2 million soldiers returned home and demobilized at Fort Dix. Fort Dix Army Air Base closed its doors in 1946 when the demobilization mission was completed. Two years later, the Air Force reopened the installation and named it after one of World War II’s leading fighter pilots, Maj. Thomas B. McGuire. In the postwar years, the three installations would see rapid and meaningful changes.

Fort Dix remained an important Army troop training location. In 1947, it officially became a Basic Training Center and then an Army Training Center in 1956. One year later, Fort Dix revealed the “Ultimate Weapon,” which is based on the infantrymen mission. Shifting to 24-hour operations, Fort Dix swung into high gear and produced thousands of recruits to support the Vietnam conflict. To better simulate the battlefield conditions these recruits would face, Fort Dix constructed a mock Vietnamese village to provide realistic training simulations and augment the already robust training offered on the post.

NAS Lakehurst’s mission was also restructured. Lakehurst became host to the Navy’s first helicopter squadrons, as well as one of the Navy’s only overhaul-and-repair services for heavier-than-air and rotary winged aircraft (the forerunner of a Fleet Readiness Center).

Across the way, McGuire AFB opened in August 1948 and rapidly grew into an important eastern hub. From 1948 to 1954, McGuire held a short-lived role as a Cold War early warning sensor and primary defensive base. A contingent of the defensive role remained on McGuire until 1972.

McGuire quickly became known as the “Gateway to the East” as service members depended on Military Airlift Command for travel to bases and battlefields around the world on aircraft such as the C-54 Skymaster, C-118 Liftmaster and C-135 Stratolifter.

NAS Lakehurst’s name changed in 1977 when the Naval Air Engineering Center relocated from Philadelphia. The critical design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing facilities were constructed to support Naval Air Systems Command.

Five rounds of BRAC have left an indelible mark on the installation. As the result of the 1988, 1991 and 1995 BRACs, Fort Dix’s active Army training mission ended after 45 years. Dix then became an important Regional Reserve Training location and served as a critical reserve troop training location for the entire eastern region.

The 1993 BRAC ended with an increased mission and capability for McGuire AFB. The KC-10 Extenders joined the extensive C-141 Starlifter fleet stationed on McGuire since the introduction of the cargo airframe in 1967. Close partnerships with nearby Fort Dix and the strong McGuire airlift support provided to mobilizing soldiers heading to Desert Storm and Desert Shield cemented the need for a strong Air Force location on the eastern seaboard.

Initially, the 1995 BRAC targeted NAES Lakehurst for closure; however, this decision was soon reversed. Lakehurst’s support role to naval aviation, specialized testing equipment and dedicated air corridors were too valuable to be relocated. Therefore, additional specialized missions such as the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Mid-Atlantic, the Army CERDEC testing mission and a number of other support missions and training functions transferred to Lakehurst.

Since the stand-up of the joint base, McGuire, Dix and Lakehurst have settled into their enduring roles. McGuire remains the “Gateway of the East” and serves as an air mobility center of excellence. The Marines share McGuire Field and bring an airborne fighting capability to the installation. Lakehurst continues as an elite test and development facility, hosting several developmental missions for the Army and Navy. Meanwhile, the primary mission on Dix continues to revolve around training, mobilization and demobilization as Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy forces engage in the numerous developmental programs and facilities situated on the installation. A truly joint integrated installation, JBMDL’s mission partners represent all services and active, reserve and guard components.


JBMDL 2019 Organizations

87th Air Base Wing

The 87th Air Base Wing provides installation management to JBMDL. The wing also provides mission-ready, expeditionary airmen to support unified combatant commanders in on-going military operations. The wing consists of more than 3,100 officers and enlisted and civilian personnel from the Air Force, Army and Navy.

U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center

The U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center is the Air Force’s center of excellence for advanced mobility and combat support training and education. The center also has direct oversight for en route and installation support, contingency response and partner capacity-building mission sets within the global mobility enterprise. The center provides administrative control for six wings and two groups within Air Mobility Command, to include the 87th Air Base Wing and the 621st Contingency Response Wing at JBMDL; the 515th Air Mobility Operations Wing at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii; the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing at Ramstein AFB, Germany; the 628th Air Base Wing at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; the 43rd Air Mobility Operations Group at Pope Field, North Carolina; and the 627th Air Base Group at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

The Expeditionary Operations School at the expeditionary center offers 92 in-residence courses and 19 web-based training courses, graduating more than 40,000 students annually. Courses include Air Force Phoenix Raven Training, Advanced Study of Air Mobility, the Aerial Port Operations Course and more.

The center, which was officially renamed the U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center on March 4, 2007, is the Air Force’s leader in expeditionary training, and on Jan. 7, 2011, the center expanded in scope, taking added responsibility for evolving AMC mission sets. Today the center is a national level acceleration force, capable of projecting hard and soft power at any time by delivering “Airpower … from the ground up!”

108th Wing

The 1,200 members of the 108th Wing, New Jersey Air National Guard, fill a multitude of missions at JBMDL. Eight KC-135R Stratotankers assigned to the 141st Air Refueling Squadron are one part of the mission. As a result of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure initiative, the wing has recently taken on new roles in the Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force and, consequently, the decision was made to change its name from an “air refueling wing” in 2008. Although the wing lost one of its air refueling squadrons due to BRAC, new units have been added, changing its makeup and strengthening its positioning in its service to the state and nation. The 204th Intelligence Squadron and the 150th Maintenance Flight along with medical personnel, civil engineers, security forces, supply, operations, communications, personnel, finance and the other airmen that make up the 108th allow the wing to continue to fulfill its missions and goals with excellence.

305th Air Mobility Wing

Headquartered at JBMDL, the 305th Air Mobility Wing extends America’s global reach by generating, mobilizing and deploying 32 KC-10 and 13 C-17 aircraft to conduct strategic airlift and air refueling missions worldwide. Additionally, the wing operates two of America’s largest strategic aerial ports supporting the delivery of cargo and personnel to combatant commanders abroad. Uniquely, as a result of joint base transfer, the wing directs the operations of two geographically separated airfields — one at McGuire and another at Lakehurst.

514th Air Mobility Wing

The 514th Air Mobility Wing is an associate unit that works side-by-side with the active-duty 305th Air Mobility Wing to fly and maintain their KC-10A Extenders and C-17 Globemaster IIIs. The mission of the 514th Air Mobility Wing is to recruit and train Air Force reservists for active duty and enhance our nation’s air mobility capability. Augmentation by the 514th Air Mobility Wing’s combat-ready personnel ensures full utilization of the active-duty 305th Air Mobility Wing’s aircraft, maintenance, aerial port and medical facilities.

621st Contingency Response Wing

The 621st Contingency Response Wing is highly specialized in training and rapidly deploying personnel to quickly open airfields and establish, expand, sustain and coordinate air mobility operations. From wartime taskings to disaster relief, the 621st extends Air Mobility Command’s reach in deploying people and equipment around the globe.

JBMDL 2019 Ogranizations

174th Infantry Brigade

The 174th Infantry Brigade advises, assists and trains reserve component forces in both pre- and post-mobilization through multicomponent, integrated, collective training in accordance with Army Total Force Policy, Department of the Army, FORSCOM and First Army directives in order to achieve directed readiness requirements.

99th Readiness Division

The 99th Readiness Division’s mission is to establish customer-oriented operational synergies and disciplined, holistic, resource-efficient processes that produce maximum unit readiness for missions at home and abroad. The division also aims to achieve and sustain levels of U.S. Army Reserve materiel, training and personnel readiness that ensure the most capable, lethal force in the history of the U.S.


The Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, more commonly known as CERDEC, actively advances soldier capabilities that enable situational awareness and understanding, establish and secure communications, and protect soldiers from surprise attack.

As an Army applied research center under the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, CERDEC provides the diverse technical expertise and operational awareness and understanding to develop, engineer and foresee essential Army needs in mission command and intelligence technologies, applications and networks designed to connect and protect the soldier. Whether soldier-borne or on vehicle or aviation platforms, the Army relies on CERDEC’s technical expertise to develop and seek out capability advancements to address soldier needs.

CERDEC works with Defense Department and national basic research organizations and labs to influence research investment and adopt, adapt and mature relevant scientific breakthroughs. CERDEC maintains close ties to the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s centers of excellence and operational units to stay in touch with the evolving realities of the soldier environment, anticipate challenges, refine requirements and inform operational tactics, techniques and procedures.

More than 4,000 Department of the Army civilians, military service members and contractors make up CERDEC’s workforce of scientists, engineers and business support professionals.

CERDEC has state-of-the-art laboratories and administrative facilities at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland; Fort Belvoir, Virginia; JBMDL; and other areas across the U.S. and overseas.

New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy

The mission of the New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy is to provide a highly disciplined environment fostering academics, leadership development, physical training and personal growth to educate and train unemployed youth who have ceased to attend high school.

JBMDL 2019 Navy OrganizationsNAVY

Naval Air Systems Command

Naval Air Systems Command’s mission is to provide full life cycle support of naval aviation aircraft, weapons and systems operated by sailors and Marines. This support includes research, design, development and systems engineering; acquisition; test and evaluation; training facilities and equipment; repair and modification; and in-service engineering and logistics support. The command is headquartered in Patuxent River, Maryland, with military and civilian personnel stationed at eight locations across the continental United States and one site overseas.


Marine Aircraft Group 49

Marine Aircraft Group 49 is composed of more than 2,600 reserve and active-duty Marines and sailors spread across six squadrons, five site commands and two detachments in seven states. The MAG-49 headquarters and site command is co-located at JBMDL.


Atlantic Strike Team

The Atlantic Strike Team is one of three special teams that make up the National Strike Force. It is a vital national asset comprised of a unique, highly trained cadre of Coast Guard professionals who rapidly deploy any time to any place or hazard.

The National Strike Force provides highly trained, experienced personnel and specialized equipment to Coast Guard and other federal agencies to facilitate preparedness for and response to oil and hazardous substance pollution incidents in order to protect public health and the environment. The force’s area of responsibility covers all Coast Guard districts and federal response regions.



JBMDL 2019 Arrival

See the Getting To & Around Burlington and Ocean Counties chapter on Page 23 for information about local airports, train service and public transportation. The closest commercial flights land at Philadelphia International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport, about 50 and 60 miles from the base, respectively.


Contact your sponsor with your estimated arrival time and flight information, if applicable, prior to your arrival at JBMDL.

Sponsorship is vital to the relocation process. Don’t PCS without talking to your sponsor before departing for JBMDL. Your sponsor will answer any questions you have about the base and the local area, make lodging or dorm arrangements and meet you upon arrival. Your sponsor will be there to help you and your family until you are settled into your new

If you have not been in touch with a sponsor and your departure is nearing, contact your gaining unit or call the Military & Family Support Center at 609-754-3154.


Cellphone use by the driver of a moving motor vehicle is prohibited on all Department of Defense installations unless the cellphone is used with a hands-free device.

To Lakehurst

From Philadelphia International Airport

Take Interstate 95 north to the exit for Walt Whitman Bridge (toll). After the bridge, follow signs to Interstate 295 north. Take I-295 north to Exit 34 (Marlton, 70 east) and stay on Route 70 east for approximately 40 miles. Turn left at Route 547. Bear left on Route 547 and proceed about a quarter mile to the main gate (second gate after the industrial gate).

From Newark Airport

Take the New Jersey Turnpike to Garden State Parkway south. Get on Parkway south to Exit 88 (Route 70 west). Follow signs on Route 70 west to Route 547 and turn right. Bear left on Route 547 and proceed about a quarter mile to the main gate (second gate after the industrial gate).

From the Garden State Parkway

Take Exit 81A (Lakehurst/Toms River) to Highway 37 west. At the traffic circle, follow the sign to Route 70 west. Take a right on Route 547. The entrance to the base will be on the left.

To McGuire-Dix

From the New Jersey Turnpike

Exit 7 or Interstate 295 McGuire/Dix exit: Take U.S. Route 206 south for approximately half a mile. Stay in the left lane to the “Y” intersection of routes 206 and 68. Turn left on Route 68 and go approximately 4 miles. Look for a sign pointing left to “McGuire/Deborah Hospital.” Turn left at the sign across the opposite lanes of Route 68. At the immediate “T” intersection, turn right on Burlington County Route 545 and head south for approximately 2 miles (crossing Burlington County Route 537 at the 1.5 mile point). At the intersection of Route 537, continue straight ahead as the road becomes a four-lane divided highway. Follow the four-lane highway (which eventually becomes Burlington County Route 680) straight into the main gate.

From the North

Travel south on the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95 in northern New Jersey) to Exit 7, then follow the aforementioned turnpike directions.

From the West

Travel east on the Pennsylvania Turnpike (Interstate 76 becomes Interstate 276: do not take I-76 into Philadelphia) to the New Jersey Turnpike. Go north on the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 7, then follow the aforementioned turnpike directions.

From the South

Travel north on Interstate 95 through Delaware to just south of Wilmington. Follow the signs for Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike across the Delaware Memorial Bridge into New Jersey. Take the New Jersey Turnpike north to Exit 7 or I-295 north to the McGuire/Dix exit, then follow the aforementioned turnpike directions.


Military Personnel Section

Falcon Lane, Building 2916
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-4677 personnel section

The 87th Force Support Squadron Military and Personnel Section administers military and civilian personnel programs such as in-processing, ID cards, DEERS and civilian employment.

Personnel who arrive after duty hours should report to the All American Inn, which has locations on both the Lakehurst and McGuire-Dix areas.

If you get married before your PCS, you must inform your commander and follow the procedures exactly as they are given. The military will not pay for your spouse’s travel and housing if you do not follow proper procedures.

Dix Personnel

Upon arrival, report in uniform to the human resources military office on the first floor of the west wing of Building 5418 on Delaware Avenue for in-processing. Call 609-562-3088 for more information.

Lakehurst Personnel

Personnel reporting during normal hours to activities aboard the Lakehurst annex of JBMDL should report first to the Navy MILPERS office in Building 150, Room B127. Personnel (staff and students) reporting to the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training will report to the second floor of Hangar 1 to the leading chief petty officer. Call 732-323-7573 during normal duty hours for more information. After normal working hours, call the CDO at 732-684-9074.

McGuire Personnel

When you expend your permissive TDY or personal leave, contact customer service or the INTRO manager at the Military Personnel Section for information about in-processing. In-processing is conducted through the squadron assigned.

Newcomers’ Orientation

The Newcomers’ Orientation is presented by the Military & Family Support Center. Newly arrived military personnel, spouses and civilians from all branches of service are encouraged to attend this orientation. The orientation includes briefings about the installation, support agencies and community services. Pre-registration is required. For more information, call the Military & Family Support Center or visit orientation.


The All American Inn

Walsh Drive, Building 481
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2266
Mitchell Road, Building 2786
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-4667

The All American Inn provides safe, comfortable and clean accommodations for active-duty military members and their families who are assigned to JBMDL. Temporary lodging facilities available to personnel on accompanied PCS status feature microwaves, refrigerators, free Wi-Fi and laundry facilities.

Arrange for temporary quarters as soon as you receive your PCS; check availability and room rates online. Contact the lodging office directly for reservations with children and pet-friendly rooms.

Getting Settled

JBMDL 2019 Getting Settled


87th Medical Group

3458 Neely Road
Appointments 866-377-2778
Pharmacy Refills 609-754-9470
Suicide Crisis Hotline and Chat 800-273-8255

The 87th Medical Group serves JBMDL and beneficiaries in the surrounding area. The group’s clinics and services include family health, flight medicine, mental health, optometry, pediatrics, physical therapy, radiology, women’s health and more.

Dental care is available to active-duty military. Family members of active-duty personnel are encouraged to use the TRICARE Dental Program. Program information is available by visiting


TRICARE is the health care program for active-duty and retired service members, their families and survivors. TRICARE provides health plans, prescriptions, dental plans and other special health programs to its beneficiaries. TRICARE’s mission is to enhance the Department of Defense and the nation’s security by providing health support for the full range of military operations and sustaining the health of all those entrusted to their care.

TRICARE offers a range of health care plans. TRICARE Prime is the mandatory health care option for active-duty service members. Family members of active-duty service members, retired service members and their families may also use this option. If you use TRICARE Prime, you are assigned a primary care manager at a military or network provider who delivers most of your care. If you need care your PCM cannot provide, you are referred to specialist. Active-duty service members and their families pay nothing out of pocket for this option; however, there is less freedom to choose your own provider. On Jan. 1, 2018, TRICARE Standard and Extra were combined into a new plan, TRICARE Select. Select is a standardized fee-for-service plan available to family members of active-duty service members, retired service members and their families. After you enroll in TRICARE Select, you may schedule an appointment with any TRICARE-authorized provider. Referrals not required, but you may need prior authorization from your regional contractor for some services. You will pay a copay or cost share based on the type of care and provider you see. Costs for Select vary, but you will pay an annual deductible as well as a percentage of covered services. Non-network providers may charge up to 15 percent more than the TRICARE allowable charge; you’re responsible for these extra charges. TRICARE also offers plans for remote and overseas locations, reserve military members, young adults who are no longer covered under regular TRICARE coverage and other scenarios.

TRICARE coverage is completely portable so it moves with you when you relocate. Follow these simple steps to ensure you have no break in coverage when you move:

  • Do not cancel your TRICARE Prime enrollment option before you move.
  • Update your personal information in DEERS immediately when you arrive at your new location.
  • Select a new primary care manager.

If you’re already using TRICARE Select, moving is easy. When you arrive at your new location, update your personal information in DEERS. Then find TRICARE-authorized providers in your new area. Remember, you may have a new regional contractor and claims filing address.

TRICARE’s online tools can help you find and compare plans that you are qualified to use. Beginning in 2019, however, TRICARE will allow you to switch between plans only if you have a “qualifying life event” such as the birth of a baby or a move. For a complete description of the types of coverage programs and regions, visit For more information about recent changes to TRICARE, visit


Housing Management Offices

Walsh Drive, Building 483
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2370
3700 Circle Drive
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3662

The JBMDL Housing Management Offices are ready to help you transition to your new home and community. Use the offices’ resources to become familiar with available housing options and support services. When you arrive at JBMDL, visit the HMOs for valuable information, counseling and guidance before signing any lease or sales contract for housing. Service members assigned to the McGuire-Dix areas should report to the Circle Drive HMO and service members assigned to Lakehurst should report to the Walsh Drive HMO.

Unaccompanied Housing

Highway 547, Building 481
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-1268
Tuskegee Airmen Avenue, Dorm 2616, Room 110
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-5498

Unaccompanied housing is provided for unaccompanied airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than three years of service. Each airman is provided furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living. Permanent party unaccompanied housing at JBMDL consists of three dormitory styles. Older dormitories were constructed for two airmen per room. These rooms range from 180 to 200 square feet and share a bathroom. The second styles of dormitories were constructed for one airman per room and are 135 square feet. These dormitories share a bathroom and kitchenette. On Lakehurst, the dormitory is constructed for one person per room with a private bathroom.

Unaccompanied airmen and soldiers in the rank of E-4 with more than three years of service will move into housing in the local community. Marines and soldiers must be in the rank of E-6 and above.

JBMDL Family Housing

Lakehurst Homes
1053 Division St.
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-408-1651

United Communities

3700 A Circle Drive
JBMDL McGuire 609-200-0488

At JBMDL, military family housing is privatized. In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you may choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities or United Communities.

Lakehurst Homes is professionally managed by Balfour Beatty Communities. Under the Military Housing Privatization Initiative, Balfour Beatty Communities is responsible for the management of military housing projects for the DOD, which allows the DOD to focus on its core mission.

At Lakehurst Homes, the real competitive advantage is the focus on people. Lakehurst Homes offers a variety of move-in ready two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes in both single-family and townhome styles. Residents enjoy a secure and comfortable hometown environment with the convenience of 24-hour maintenance, lawn care services and community events.

United Communities is responsible for managing the military housing at McGuire-Dix.
The community features two-, three- and four-bedroom homes with carports or garages, fenced-in backyards and spacious floor plans. Community amenities include swimming pools, dog parks, a tennis court, a fitness and community center, playgrounds and 24-hour maintenance.

For comprehensive information about homes and amenities in the JBMDL privatized housing community, visit the family housing websites.


Postal Service Center
2907 Tuskegee Airman Blvd.
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2051

The Postal Service Center will accept mail prior to your arrival. To receive mail for general delivery, use the following address:

Your Name
PSC Box 3000, General Delivery
2907 Tuskegee Airman Ave.
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ 08641

Service members stationed at Lakehurst who are in transit may forward mail to their receiving department within the command or to their sponsor. Service members may also forward mail temporarily to their home of record.


Veterinary Services
Gettysburg Avenue, Building 3259
JBMDL Dix 609-562-6636

Pets belonging to personnel who live on JBMDL must be registered with the vet clinic. Pets belonging to personnel who live off base must be licensed by the city where they reside.

The vet clinic offers services such as vaccines, medicines, spays, neuters and dental care. Services are provided to military families. Due to limited resources, most veterinary emergency cases are best served through a full-service civilian veterinary hospital; see the Military Buyer’s Guide tab to connect with local veterinarians.


Cathedral of the Air

264 Hope Chapel Road
Lakehurst, NJ 08733 609-754-4673

Dix Chapel

5240 New Jersey Ave.
JBMDL Dix 609-754-4673

McGuire Chapel

2503 E. Arnold Ave.
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-4673

North Chapel

3827 School House Road
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-4673

The joint base’s chapels are dedicated to providing world-class ministry to service members and their families. Chaplains are available for spiritual, relationship and grief counseling. They provide worship services, baptisms, weddings and memorials. Other chapel programs include religious education, youth groups, Bible studies and more.


Private vehicles do not have to be registered with JBMDL, but all vehicles on base must be insured and license plates must be current. New Jersey state traffic laws apply on base; see the Getting To & Around Burlington and Ocean Counties chapter on Page 23 for more information. All vehicles entering or leaving base are subject to search.

Serving You

JBMDL 2019 Our Military Serving You


The Flight Kitchen

McGuire Boulevard, Building 1706
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3779

Halvorsen Hall

POW/MIA Boulevard, Building 2635
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-8934

Pudgy’s Sports Pub

Can Do Way, Building 2508
JBMDL McGuire 609-724-0443

Rickenbacker’s Cafes

Severyns Road, Building 123
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-4402
Mitchell Road, Building 2786
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-2211
Neely Road, Building 3458
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-9621


East Arnold Avenue, Building 2502
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-7700

For hours of operation, menus and special event information, visit


Base Education and Training Center

School House Road, Building 3829
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3019

The Education Center provides educational opportunities and advising services to military personnel, family members and civilian employees. Programs at the center include college classes, academic advising, Community College of the Air Force counseling, Air Force commissioning advisement, Kuder career guidance tools, Troops-to-Teachers, Transition Assistance Program counseling, Military Tuition Assistance guidance, scholarships and an array of testing opportunities.

Two-year degree programs are available through Rowan College at Burlington County and the Community College of the Air Force. Baccalaureate degree programs are offered through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Rutgers University, Southern Illinois University and Wilmington University. Graduate programs are available from Central Michigan University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Rutgers University and Wilmington University.


For information about the family programs at JBMDL, visit the 87th Force Support Squadron online at

Military & Family Support Centers

Highway 547, Building 488-2
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-1248
Broidy Road, Building 3435
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3154

The Military & Family Support Centers incorporate the Airman & Family Readiness Center, Army Community Service and Fleet & Family Support Center. The centers support individuals, families and leadership with programs and services to strengthen communities, encourage self-sufficiency, enhance mission readiness and ease adaptation to the military way of life. Services are provided to military members of all branches of service, DOD employees and their families.

Programs and services include information and referral, family readiness and resiliency, the Exceptional Family Member Program, financial readiness and relief, employment readiness, relocation services, volunteer opportunities, casualty assistance and more.

Child Development Centers

Juliustown Road, Building 1188
JBMDL Dix 609-562-2371/3878/3263

JBMDL Lakehurst CDC

Berry Road, Building 657
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2260


Can Do Way, Building 2430
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2966


Tuskegee Airmen Avenue, Building 2414
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3661

The child development centers offer full-time, hourly and preschool care for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. The centers are nationally accredited and provide developmentally appropriate programming. Children of military personnel or DOD civilian personnel are eligible to use the centers. Fees are based on total family income. For information on registration, availability and waiting lists, visit the website.

Exceptional Family Member Program

JBMDL Lakehurst Office 732-323-1248
JBMDL McGuire Office 609-754-3154

This program provides special-needs families with information and referral services.

Family Child Care

Broidy Road, Building 3435
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3259/3098

The Family Child Care program provides a smaller, more personal child care setting. The program also provides care for families that need evening care, weekend care, care during extended duty and care for children with special needs. Family Child Care is held in the provider’s home by highly trained and inspected child care professionals. Providers care for no more than six children in the home, including their own children. Providers have in-depth background checks, meet stringent licensing requirements, are certified in CPR and first aid, and undergo unannounced home observations. Their meal program is USDA regulated.

School Liaison

Broidy Road, Building 3435
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-3154

The school liaison officer is the connection between JBMDL families and private and public schools. The officer provides support to service members during all stages of transition and deployment to ensure children receive every opportunity for quality education.

Youth Centers and Programs
Youth Center at Falcon Courts North

East Scott Street, Building 3830
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-5437

Youth Center at Garden Terrace

Locust Street, Building 1279
JBMDL Dix 609-562-5061

Youth Programs at Walsh Drive

Walsh Drive, Building 487
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-4043

Youth Services offers year-round programs to meet the needs of middle school and high school students. Programs include sports such as basketball, soccer, football, baseball and cheerleading; instructional classes in ballet, piano, dance, martial arts, fitness and babysitting; leadership and service programs; employment skills programs; game nights; summer camp; dances and more. Hours vary based on the program; call the center for detailed information.


Andrews Federal Credit Union

Broidy Road, Building 34056
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-8530

Armed Forces Bank

Broidy Road, Building 3452
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-0707

Fort Dix Federal Credit Union

Delaware Avenue, Building 5408
JBMDL Dix 609-723-4415

Lakehurst Naval Federal Credit Union

Building 60
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2496

Wells Fargo

Doughboy Loop, Building 6040
JBMDL Dix 609-724-7570


Legal Office

2901 Falcon Lane
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2010

The legal office provides notary and power of attorney services on a walk-in basis. Informational handouts on many legal topics are available at the front desk and at the Air Force Legal Assistance website at The Air Force Legal Assistance website can also be used to complete will and power of attorney worksheets and to fill out online customer surveys. Other legal assistance is available by appointment.


The Librar-e and Resource Commons

Tuskegee Airmen Avenue, Building 2603
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2079

The Librar-e and Resource Commons features reference and education resources, including books, digital books, online journals and abstracts, computer services, DVDs, music CDs, video games and more. Monthly events for adults and children alike include book chats, story time and the bookmobile.


For more information about the recreational programs at JBMDL, visit the 87th Force Support Squadron online at

Indoor Pool

Doughboy Loop, Building 5901
JBMDL Dix 609-562-2808

Outdoor Pools

Doughboy Loop, Building 6046
JBMDL Dix 609-562-2808
Berry Road, Building 573
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2473

The pools at JBMDL offer recreational swim, swim lessons, hydro aerobics, lifeguard and scuba certifications, military training, parties and more. Pool hours and seasons vary; visit for more information.

Arts and Crafts Center

Philadelphia Street, Building 6039
JBMDL Dix 609-562-5691
Frame Shop 609-562-2542
Ceramics Shop 609-562-5771

The Arts and Crafts Center suits all your creative needs with full-service custom framing and engravings, a pottery studio, classes, courses and much more.

Auto Hobby Shop

Building 5372, corner of Delaware Avenue and Snyder Lane
JBMDL Dix 609-562-3333

Come to the Auto Hobby Shop for safe, easy and affordable vehicle maintenance. The center has automotive bays, vehicle lifts and all the tools you need. The shop also offers minor vehicle repair services, towing services, brakes, tire changes, oil and coolant changes, vehicle resale lot management and more.

The shop is in a temporary location (Building 5372) as the original shop (Vandenberg Avenue, Building 2416 at JBMDL McGuire) undergoes a $4 million renovation. For more information and renovation updates, visit


Doughboy Loop, Building 6054
JBMDL Dix 609-562-6895
Saniuk Road, Building 489
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2027

Enjoy premium bowling at an affordable price at the JBMDL bowling alleys. Both centers offer fun for all ages and skill levels. Grab a quick bite to eat, watch the big game on HD screens, join the fun during special bowling events and more.

Fitness Centers

8th Street and Millville Road, Building 6053
JBMDL Dix 609-562-4888
Severyns Road, Building 123
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-7266
POW/MIA Boulevard, Building 2504
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-6085

The fitness centers at JBMDL focus on fitness and wellness with a variety of programs and fitness activities. The centers feature cardiovascular exercise machines; weight training equipment; racquetball, basketball and volleyball courts; and men’s and women’s locker rooms with steam rooms, saunas, showers and daily use lockers. Various classes, intramural sports programs and fitness challenges are also available. Equipment and amenities vary at each location; check the gyms’ websites for more information.

A mission-driven gym on Newport Street houses a physical rehabilitation center for the Warriors in Transition. The facility’s gym is open to the joint base community on request. Call 609-562-5780 for more information.

Falcon Creek Golf Course

Can Do Way, Building 2007
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2169/3330

Fountain Green Golf Course

Fort Dix Road, Building 3152
JBMDL Dix 609-562-5443/2166

Pine Ridge Golf Course

Berry Road, Building 33
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-7483

Falcon Creek is an 18-hole championship course. The course features a modern clubhouse, pro shop, practice driving range, putting green and chipping green. Professional golf instruction is available.

The 18-hole Fountain Green Golf Course has small greens and tight fairways. Designed in 1941, the course has not undergone any major changes, keeping the original layout intact. It features a pro shop, driving range and snack bar.

The Pine Ridge Golf Course is a nine-hole course with a driving range, putting green and clubhouse.

Information, Tickets and Travel

Doughboy Loop, Building 6045
JBMDL Dix 609-562-6667/4208

Severyns Road, Building 123
JBDML Lakehurst 732-323-1362/4565

The ITT offices work together to provide the base community with discounted tickets for amusement parks and events like Disney on Ice, monster truck shows, and sporting and special events throughout the year. The office also offers regularly scheduled trips to points of interest and can help you plan your next adventure to make it convenient and affordable.

Movie Theater

East Arnold Avenue
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-8320

For showtimes and admission prices, visit

Outdoor Recreation

Doughboy Loop, Building 6045
JBMDL Dix 609-562-6667/4208

Severyns Road, Building 123
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2583/1362

Outdoor Recreation has equipment rentals, RV storage, and information on base camping and hunting opportunities. Equipment rentals include party supplies, camping gear, canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, charcoal or gas grills and more. For more information, visit Outdoor Recreation’s website.

Recreation Centers and Parks
The Firehouse

East Arnold Avenue, Building 2502
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2233/2830

Flight Deck Community Center

Berry Road, Building 33
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-2405

John F. Mann Recreation Park

Doughboy Loop, Building 6057
JBMDL Dix 609-562-6667

Recreation Center at JBMDL Dix

Doughboy Loop, Building 5905
JBMDL Dix 609-562-4956

The Firehouse recreation center is a friendly place to hang out and relax with friends. The center features a gaming room, a theater, a music room, a basketball court, an outdoor patio, laptops, board games, pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, table shuffleboard, dartboards and foosball. The center also has direct access to a Subway restaurant.

The Flight Deck Community Center is undergoing a $4.3 million renovation. Its temporary location (Building 33 on Berry Road) offers weekly free movie nights, shuffleboard, air hockey, board and online games, a bar and more.

John F. Mann Park has a wide open area for picnics and group events, as well as batting cages, mini-golf, go-karts, volleyball and basketball courts, horseshoe pits and a playground for kids.

The Recreation Center at JBMDL Dix has a gaming room, a theater, board games, pool tables, table tennis, air hockey, table shuffleboard, dart boards and foosball.

Rod & Gun Club

Cookstown-Browns Mills Road, Building 9060
JBMDL Dix 609-562-4676

The JBMDL Rod & Gun club at Range 14 provides recreational shooting ranges for rifle and pistol, skeet fields, woodland and speedball fields for paintball and airsoft guns, and designated fishing areas. Shooting supplies and snacks and drinks are available for purchase.



Walsh Road, Building 485
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-1220
Broidy Road, Building 3453
JBMDL McGuire 609-754-2153

Save your hard-earned dollars when shopping for groceries at the commissaries.


The JBMDL exchanges want to be your first choice for shopping. They offer a price-match program that guarantees the lowest prices in town. Hours for services outside the main exchanges vary, so call or visit the websites for detailed information.

Main Exchange at JBMDL Lakehurst

Building 485
JBMDL Lakehurst 732-323-7680

Main Exchange at JBMDL McGuire

3452 Broidy Road
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-6100

Exchange Restaurants at McGuire Exchange

Arby’s 609-723-6100
Boston Market 609-723-6100
Charleys Philly Steaks 609-723-6100
Popeyes 609-723-6100
Smoothie King 609-521-5005

Services at McGuire Exchange

Barbershop 609-723-5190
Beauty Shop 609-723-7377
GameStop 609-723-6396
GNC 609-723-4511
H&R Block (during tax season) 609-723-3604
Hertz 609-723-4419
Laundry, Dry Cleaning, Alterations 609-353-1934
Locker and Storage Rental 609-724-0101
Military Clothing Store 609-723-6100
Mobile Center 609-723-3234
Optical Center 609-723-5495
Optometry Care 609-723-8957
Shoe Repair 856-353-1336

Tag, ID and Key Vending Machine

UPS Store 609-723-5000
Wireless Accessories 609-353-1210

Express Facilities

Building 5359
Express with Class Six 609-723-0469
Dunkin’ Donuts 609-723-3450

Building 2841
Express with Class Six & Gas Pumps 609-723-4705

Other Facilities
Burger King

Building 5399
JBMDL Dix 609-723-8937

Firestone Complete Auto Care

Building 4200
JBMDL Dix 609-723-0464

Pizza Hut

Building 2841
JBMDL McGuire 609-723-2992

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