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Camp Lucky is a dog training company that specializes in basic and advanced obedience. Our hope is to help dog owners achieve their training goals so that you feel in control. If your desire is to have a dog who is obedient on and OFF leash in all environments, we will take care of you.

We offer:
-in-home lessons: 1 on 1 lessons, basic obedience

-1 Week Board and Train: in-home obedience and manners

-2 Week Board and train: advanced obedience on and off leash in all environments

-3 Week Board and train: Service dog training, aggressive and reactive dogs, extreme fear or simply bullet proof obedience.

~Dog Trainers you can trust.~

Puppy Training Plan

Camp Lucky will walk you through your new pup’s stages of development and make a plan for training that fits their needs as they grow.

Custom Training Options

We can help your dog be their best by tailoring a training timeline or technique to meet your preferences. Don’t feel limited by one training program. Contact Camp Lucky and we will customize a training plan for your Lucky Pup.

In Home Classes

No need to leave your home to get the pet of your dreams. A Camp Lucky professional trainer will come to you and help transform your dog into your dream pet.

Two Week Board and Train

This is Camp Lucky’s most popular service. In just two weeks we teach your dog how to be obedient in any environment on and off leash. Although this training program is vigorous it is exactly what every dog needs. OBEDIENCE!

Aggression Training Program

Does your dog show aggression or have reactive tendencies? Don’t worry! With the right training, we can give you tools to manage these behaviors and put you back in control.


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