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PuroClean of Boerne provides full water damage restoration services. We know that dealing with water or storm damage can be a daunting task. That is why our IICRC certified experts provide timely water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and biohazard cleanup. We will help you understand the problem and the mitigation plan, hopefully easing your mind about the process. Has your commercial or residential property sustained damage in Boerne, Fair Oaks, Universal City, or Cibolo? Contact PuroClean of Boerne. We are ready for your call anytime, day, or night at (830) 266-9494.
 The chances of experiencing water-related property damage depending on where you live. However, statistics show that just over 20 percent of Americans have water-related property damage each year. Depending on your geographic location, this percentage could be higher or lower, but it highlights the importance of having adequate property insurance coverage to protect your home or business. Along with insurance, it is important to hire certified professionals for water damage mitigation. 
Flood damage can be costly, but the professionals at PuroClean of Boerne are prepared to mitigate water damage quickly and efficiently. We have the latest technology to completely dry the affected area and eliminate all moisture completely. Walls, flooring, furnishings and carpet can easily retain moisture, which contributes to microbial growth, such as mold and mildew. We work to eliminate that moisture and the health risks associated with mold growth. 
If any amount of moisture is allowed to persist, mold can grow and spread quickly through mold spores. You may not be aware of hidden moisture that may have already contributed to mold growth. When PuroClean of Boerne arrives at your property, we will first determine if there is any pre-existing mold, then we will clean it thoroughly and remove water and moisture sources. Mold can lead to numerous health problems, so don’t wait to call us. We are available anytime, 24/7, at (830) 266-9494.
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