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Fleet and Family Support Center’s FastTrack to success

Fleet and Family Support Center’s FastTrack to success

Story by PO3 Kohen Gillis on 01/08/2019

The Naval Construction Battalion Center’s Fleet and Family Support Center recently began a training style to reach more military members.

This new method of training coined “FastTracks” are designed to boiled down a traditional hour-long class into a quick 15-minute or less presentation.

“As an educator, I often leave the longer and more detailed classes hoping that students leave holding on to at least one piece of useful information,” said Paula Ingram, a class facilitator. “With these shorter fast track classes, I hope that students leave with all the information that’s put out to them,” she added.

FastTracks initially started as a program aimed at the busy commands that did not have time for any extra’ training. Due to their limited time available each day, FastTracks were designed to fit into their extremely tight school schedules.

One of the key selling points of this new format is that FFSC facilitators provide everything except the time and place of the class, which allows individual units to decide the optimal time and location to ensure maximum participation.

FFSC provides a variety of class topics ranging from financial management, pre-marital counselling, practical ideas for “getting back to green” on the operational stress continuum, ways to deal with loneliness and much more.

To coordinate a training or get a comprehensive list of offerings, contact Paula Ingram at 228-871-3457.

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