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First things first: All Men/Women Military Members, we would first like to thank you all for your Service and Sacrifices you have made for our Country.


ABQ Sanitation takes pride in the services provided. As we clean and prep germ free zones in your home, office & vehicles. Using us for your prevention needs against all known & unwanted bacteria and viruses. We know infection prevention with the importance of keeping our loved ones safe. Also:


• YOU CAN STAY IN YOUR HOME DURING SERVICE, no need to leave the comfort of your home!

• Complementary services for 2 vehicles on premises during service.

• Product is safe for all Adults, Elderly, Children, Pets and Plants!

• Product is Hypoallergenic and odorless with no residue or odors left behind!

• 30 Days service offered for each home and more!


Basic cleaning traditions change every year and is becoming inefficient to eliminating Germs 🦠 Bacteria and other known viruses.

Abq Sanitation Guarantee’s 3X’s The Sanitation, Disinfection & Sterile Coverage!




Call us today or visit

• Www.AbqSanitation.Com

• Call or Text: 505.448.6972


Thank you for considering Abq Sanitation for your Family and loved ones.

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