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Your one-stop shop for supply chain services

HSS provides warehouse, logistics, inventory management, delivery, courier, distribution, and storage services throughout the nation.  Our footprint spans coast to coast with brick and mortar facilities and a network of highly qualified agents.  Click on the links below to find out more about our offerings.

      • Delivery and Courier
      • Warehousing
      • Call Center Solutions
      • Reverse Logistics
      • Next Flight Out
      • Outsourced Fleet Management

Whether you have a simple supply chain problem or a complicated juggernaut, we can help.  Our team of experts will work with you to solve your problem with a solution customized to meet your needs. Our technologies are structured to provide you real-time information about your inventory or delivery.  Even better, we are happy to work inside your enterprise system!


Hot Shot Services Inc. (HSS), a New Mexico owned and operated corporation has enjoyed a positive reputation in the delivery business since 1989. Historically, we have not advertised but relied upon word of mouth recommendations from our large base of satisfied customers. While delivery has been an ongoing focus, and where we gained our reputation for excellence in customer service, we also enjoy a strong reputation in warehousing.

HSS was awarded it’s first warehouse account in 1991 and began full warehouse operations in 1992. HSS now occupies over 30,000-sq. ft. of warehouse and office space in Albuquerque with company-operated warehouses in Phoenix, AZ, Portland, OR, and San Jose, CA.

HSS operates a fleet consisting of small covered pickups, full-size vans, and 16-24 ft. straight trucks with lifts.

We have provided high quality 24 hour – 7 days a week operations since our inception. What do your customers say about us? Our customers have come to depend on the value-added service provided by our dispatchers and customer service and logistics specialists.

Our service is not limited to timely deliveries but tailored to the convenience of delivery points. Many delivery points prefer shipments to be left in their warehouse after hours. HSS has commanded the confidence and trust of major corporations allowing us to access these warehouses after hours for both deliveries and pick-ups. With brick and mortar operations in four states and a network of highly qualified agents, you can trust HSS with your trusted cargo.

The need for companies to remove themselves from the delivery business while increasing existing delivery service has given us another area of expansion. We have “removed” companies from the delivery business by increasing their performance, eliminating their fleet and staff, and cutting overall costs.

We have successfully increased our delivery business each year and have been recognized by local and state publications as well as national industry publications as an exceptional transportation/warehouse/service company. We have recently expanded into routed service and have found the response exceptional.